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Born Pisces August 2019 Spiritual Guidelines

Born pisces in August 2019 you need action, you need movement, but first you need to create a space of spiritual quiet. First visualize then act and do it in a punctual, precise, correct, suitable, true way. Unplug the phone and sit in the quietest room, relax. Look for a sense of peace. Breathe regularly from the abdomen and feel free from any pain or thought. Create a wellness scene.

Try to take you from a relaxation space in the following days. The alchemic furnace of the mind must be nourished with beautiful and beautiful things must also be the thoracic and abdominal breaths. Combine all your parts, personalities, in the name of a greater love, that towards yourself and the service you carry on while remaining bright and light.

Born Pisces August 2019 Healthy Body

Some sweet martial art could do very well for you. For example, tai chi chuan trains balance and strength together. It is an excellent way to reduce physical and mental tension and to gently improve blood circulation and well-being of internal organs. Try to relax the tension in your back and relieve headaches, improve the position of the neck and shoulders and the general posture. Notice when your shoulders are stiff and tense. Try to relax through the breath, which harmonizes the physical, spiritual and mental aspects. Inhale expanding the rib cage and exhale slowly as in a pleasant long expansion, a great release.

Born Pisces August 2019 Herbal Advice

On a physical level you could somatize the stress of the moment with some inflammation and pressure problems. An excellent natural remedy is natural anti-inflammatory Echinacea, it is also an antiviral that helps protect the body from external attacks. Another excellent plant is turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties but also immunostimulants which therefore support the immune system.

Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory and all these remedies can be taken as natural supplements in capsules and powder or other herbal forms. Finally, if the inflammation is in the joints and you feel pain you can use the devil’s claw or the boswelia in cream or as an oral use. For pressure control we can have garlic, hawthorn, olive and mistletoe as food supplements to be taken orally.


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