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Born Sagittarius August 2019 Spiritual Guidelines

Born Sagittarius in there are dreams in a drawer that is opening and it’s beautiful. There are sunrises to look at and sses to give. There are enjoyments that are released when you least expect it, everything turns to the best. Be ful not to fantasize. Look for a very concrete type of pleasure and explore the real possibilities of something that is about to bloom and blossom. If you have someone who comes to you in an unpleasant way, let him go. It becomes very important to assert yourself for who you really are. Away from those who are looking for feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction with their lives. Stay with who love without restrictions, without prejudice.

Born Sagittarius Healthy Body

Attention to things done without purpose and slowness. If you lift a weight, do it the right way. If you want to go for a run, warm up your joints and your muscles well. Do not miss anything and at the same time enjoy everything. You are ly nice and this also leads you to aggregate with whom you can play sports. Know how to guide even those who do not have the drive towards any sport. If you have children around you while you play sports, it’s good to remind you of the playful and participatory value of healthy sport. Avoid stretching your muscles by holding your breath. Indulge every movement with your breath. Spend a lot of time in nature.

Born Sagittarius

At this time the spirituality of Sagittarius advises to be positive in order to look at life with different eyes. On a physical level you could somatize stress and worries on your weakest organ …. the liver. Furthermore, food intolerances may arise towards certain . To verify this you will need to do a special test. Recall that there are bioeletrical tests, hair tests, blood tests and other types such as the bioresonance test. In the case of the blood test we check that there is a specific search for those particular molecules that identifies a real intolerance to a food.

Once you have identified the to which you are intolerant you will have to suspend them from your diet to allow your body to rebalance itself. For your liver, help yourself by drinking an infusion of chicory, milk thistle. A detoxification also based on aloe vera or birch sap to drink will be a real cure for the liver right now. The liver can be the organ in which you vent your anger. then try to smile and relax maybe adding a bit of camomile or lime-tree balm to your evening tea.


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