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Born Scorpio August 2019 Spiritual Guidelines

in August 2019 you don’t have to expect people to take positions unless it happens naturally. You don’t have to yourself or even situations. Remember that your strength lies in silence and in the possibility of eliminating, transforming, changing. Do not judge and do not let others do the same. You have the chance to revolutionize your now. Do it with lightness and care. Calm and quiet. Do it with silent determination, without giving yourself to others. Be to love someone who does not want you; your magnetism may be affected, remember that you do not need to beg. Stay in touch with your instincts to understand the distance to keep to someone who does not convince you.

August 2019

You don’t find peace in mind and body. You see yourself as heavy fats and nervous, susceptible. Download all this to the person next to you. The suggestion is really to turn towards some martial art, something that makes you fully download the tension. You can’t go on criticizing, arguing or looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t like yourself first of all. You should start to approach your body more gently. Be not to overdo the food. Remember that the body needs vitamins and at this specific time you should avoid smoking, especially for those who have this constant habit and cannot control it.

August 2019

In this month I suggest you take moments of rest to recharge your energy. On a physical level you could somatize fatigue right on the head. Too many thoughts in the mind, too full of s and worries that lead to migraines. You will have to learn to let yourself go by trying to overcome your limitations to relax and flow into . Your body could bring this difficulty to let go of your mental patterns with headaches and migraines.

From the herbs you can then help yourself with relaxing herbal teas like chamomile, linden, lemon balm, valerian, and passion flower. Excellent to drink towards evening but also during the day to brighten the mood. It will also be a good to book some appointment with a massage expert especially for the neck, shoulders and face. which are the areas most commonly contracted for you right now. Essential oils are other that can help you relax and in particular mint or lavender rubbed on the temples helps a lot to relieve migraine. A circular self-massage with 2 drops of these essences will disperse the headache.


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