Breath is the nourishment of the body and soul

Breath is the nourishment of the body and soul, we inhale and exhale millions of times over the course of our life. These are two actions necessary to survive, which we do automatically. We are not used to paying proper attention to our breath, although we should learn to do so.

Learning to follow your breath is a major goal of any yoga class or meditation practice. If we pay proper attention to our breathing, we can use it throughout the day to stay calm and relaxed.

Thanks to the breathing that nourishes us and keeps us alive, we can intimately connect with our higher self, and at the same time, we can unite with God and all living creatures. All living beings breathe life and every breath of air connects us with all the creatures that live on our planet.

Learn to control your breath

Below I propose a simple exercise, to be done for five minutes in the morning and in the evening, to start and end the day in peace and serenity. The purpose of the exercise is to learn to control your breathing. The more you do it, the more you will learn to control and observe how your breath expands within you, circulating within your body and reaching every single cell.

Lie down, close your eyes and breathe very slowly and deeply. As you breathe in, you breathe in love, life, joy, peace. Feel how these feelings reach every part of your body, every single cell, nourishing them like lifeblood. It is as if with each breath of yours, a beautiful white light enters your body purifying it.

Breathing out, let go of anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. Observe how all worries, all darkness, all uncertainties leave your body, leaving only light and love in their place. If you want, you can imagine being near the sea, in the open countryside or in any other place that can give you peace and serenity.

Being able to repeat the exercise several times a day, for example when you feel the need to relax. It is also a great exercise to do when you wish to communicate with angels, as it allows you to calm your mind. With the passage of time and the right training, you will be able to control your breathing more and more and you will achieve peace and quiet within minutes.

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