Buy an angel for your children

Buy an for your , it is really very important that children do not lose their natural connection with the angelic world. Children really need to keep believing in the angels as they face all the challenges of growth. Do not buy them exclusively the latest technological gadgets, give them the angels. You can do it in many ways because there are so many things designed just for children, but do it.

If you can, remember them at every opportunity, who can ask for help and protection from their guardian angel, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. It is the greatest you can make them, that of the awareness of love, of help, and of the guidance of ; you will make them grow, stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Finally, give yourself this beautiful gift, give yourself something that reminds you of angels; or, simply call them, talk to them, and request their presence in your life. Invite them to your home for the holidays and be grateful for their invaluable help. I wish you all the best.

Guardian Angel Prayer

  • Angel of God,
    my friend,
    stand by Me
    I’m small.
    Teach me
    the road that leads to Jesus
  • , stay close to me
    give me your hand are little.
    If you guide me with your smile
    we will go together to Heaven.
  • Little angel of the Lord
    that you look at me in all hours;
    Little angel of the good God,
    make it grow good and pious:
    on your feet, watch over you,
    Little angel of Jesus.

Prayer for Dad

God the Father, dad works really hard.
Sometimes he has to work even at night
and we almost never see it.
Help us to be good when he is with us
to make his life more peaceful.

Prayer for Mom

Jesus, even while you suffered on the cross
you thought of your mother, Maria.
Help us to take care of our mother,

Prayer for Parents

Jesus listens to my humble prayer.
You know how much I love my dear parents.
Jesus, let them be kept for me as long as possible.
Let them be my guide
and always can walk on the right path.
Jesus, do they always love each other
and that their life is sown with good works so that
one day they can come to Heaven to collect your prize.


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