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Cahetel Guardian Angel Born April 26 to 30

Cahetel administers the energies of the Moon, therefore, although his element is the Earth, he is also an Angel of the Waters. The energy that accords fertilizes, expands and advances all that is undertaken. By invoking Cahetel Guardian Angel, people can succeed in everything related to fertility and agriculture, in all professions related to water and navigation, as well as in commerce (which is also a lunar field) and in all what comes from these areas. Cahetel is also the Angel of the house and favors everything related to the family and its improvement. It also gives extreme clarity to emotions, to the causes of our feelings of multiple nature, to their origins, to their potential.

Consequently, and by analogy, this Angel is the one who allows us to discover the true feelings that animate the people close to us, as well as to interpret the authentic emotions of the Society. From a spiritual point of view this angel induces in man a sense of profound gratitude towards the Creator for the natural riches present on the Earth.

Whoever is born under the influence of this angel has harmony and balance between spirit and matter, has maturity and mastery over his self. He has a clear vision and understanding of the world and its laws, having much strength to resist and always to continue. Because of his spiritual maturity, he often feels dislocated among friends or family members who have difficulty understanding him. He follows his heart and has great intuition, showing himself humble when he wisely transmits his knowledge and understanding.

He is not afraid of anything and is always ready to travel and discover new horizons. It can be a pioneer in agricultural production using modern methods and advanced technology. Your land will be your life and your home, knowing how to generously divide your prosperity with those closest to you. Although his success can be attributed to luck, he always thanks Gos for everything he gets.

Cahetel Prayer – Psalm 94:6 Venite, adoremus et procidamus et genua flectamus ante Domino, qui fecit nos.


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