Camael Archangel of Justice and Grace

Camael Archangel also known as Chamuel, Kamael or Samael means Rigor of God. He resides in Gevurah. In the Tree of Life, the vortex of Camael is placed after that of Tsadkiel or Hesediel. Camael inflexible administers the righteousness of God, He is also called Severity of God, Right Hand of God, Lord of Karma.

Camael Archangel with Martian influences has the reputation of being the Archangel representing the ability to act with strength and determination. He protects from dangers, gives courage, strength, determination, and balance.

Camael Archangel of Justice

That is of the Law, but also of the will and success. Camael presses for the individual to abandon the fullness of every easy life to face the experience of the effort to shape matter, in view of creation.

We can affirm that the action of this Archangel takes advantage of the unleashing of desires to orient man towards a strong creative appetite so that he himself becomes Creator, and not just a creature.

In this process, Camael ensures that the Divine Law is finally understood and incorporated by man. In the same way, he brings Justice by nullifying Evil, eliminating what is contrary to this cosmic Law.

Camael Archangel and the Power Angels

The Power Angels under the guidance of this Archangel are responsible for the alchemical work of transformation of being. They complete the process by helping to develop courage, introspective strength, the ability to wage an inner war, and to face psychological and material difficulties with Faith.

This Archangel thus expresses the law of – earning one’s bread with the sweat of the brow – sanctions the evolutionary truth that the Human Work is obtained at the price of sustained effort, and even suffering.

In accordance with this path, he is in charge of leading humanity back to the reconquest of paradise through application and work.
Camael introduces the Knowledge of the Laws of the World through the experience of their functioning, which will have to reveal the essence of Evil, or what happens if one operates in contrast to divine designs.

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