Yeialel Guardian Angel Born January 6 to 10

Yeialel name means God who fulfills, his essence Intellectual Strength. The function of the mind is to connect the soul to material…

2 days ago

Iahhel Guardian Angel Born January 26 to 30

Iahhel Angel helps to acquire wisdom, protects philosophers and all those who want to retreat to a contemplative life to…

1 week ago

Harahel Guardian Angel Born January 11 to 15

Harahel Guardian Angel dispenses the gift of intellectual wealth. It is the mental vitality that gives the determination to know…

10 months ago

Umabel Guardian Angel Born January 21 to 25

Umabel gives the person a particularly sensitive and empathic soul, therefore able to tune in with others by offering friendship.…

11 months ago

Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20

Mitzrael gives the capacity to concretize projects, and also to bestow repairing and reconstructive energies. Mitzrael angel dramatically accelerates the manifestation of human intentions.…

2 years ago

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