Archangel Sachiel Luck Prayer

Archangel Sachiel bestows gifts following laws incomprehensible to us but within the precise limits set by karma. Poverty or wealth are tests to be overcome and every living being is free to choose how to act. Archangel Sachiel is depicted with a cornucopia from which rose petals and gold coins flow. Indeed, he is the… Continue reading Archangel Sachiel Luck Prayer

God Money Prayer

God’s money prayer and to his infinite mercy. Before reading the prayer, dwell on some considerations. Some people say they love money and hate those who have it. Others envy those who have them. Many want money at all costs and then risk becoming like the people they hated, envied, or hated. How can their… Continue reading God Money Prayer

Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Sachiel represents opulence, majesty, wealth, physical well-being, prestige, money. Sachiel is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. If in the destiny of a man wealth is considered harmful to his spiritual evolution, if poverty is a test that must be overcome because wealth has lived badly, there will be no supplication or invocation… Continue reading Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Holy Archangels Prayer, Money Invocation

Holy archangels prayer, recite this powerful prayer to prosper, for the need of money. If you desire to buy a house, pay debts, have a prosperous career. – Lord in the name of Jesus, I (your name), I ask you to help me to win immediately, fortunately, the necessary and sufficient money to pay and solve all my financial… Continue reading Holy Archangels Prayer, Money Invocation

Good Luck Prayer for Money to St. Nicholas

Good Luck Prayer helps believers to resolve any issue and to attract success in any endeavor. Prayers to the Almighty for good luck are powerful, prayers for the remission of sins and luck are considered very strong and effective. After the sincere request the saints send luck, they influence the successful completion of business. With… Continue reading Good Luck Prayer for Money to St. Nicholas

Saint Joseph and Virgin Mary Money Prayer

Powerful money prayer to Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. The following is a very beautiful and powerful money prayer that has helped many people living in extreme conditions to regain their dignity. It should be recited both in the morning and in the evening, kneeling and looking east. In the name of the Father, the… Continue reading Saint Joseph and Virgin Mary Money Prayer

Prosperity Prayer for Money to Guardian Angel

Prosperity Prayer is not just about money and wealth. It is about having love, happiness, good health, and even good relationships, and all the other things that are needed to survive. The angels know that the biggest obstacle to receiving prosperity and abundance is when you feel unworthy of getting something. If this is what… Continue reading Prosperity Prayer for Money to Guardian Angel

Financial help prayer to Almighty God

Financial help prayer, here you can find some Prayers to solve your financial problems. The world has been in an economic crisis for a long time now, and during this pandemic, financial problems have worsened further. More and more people are suffering from this situation, unable to give a dignified life to themselves and their loved ones,… Continue reading Financial help prayer to Almighty God

Angel of money evokes the unlimited grace

Angel of Wealth evokes God’s Grace, according to the ancient texts this angel can be invoked to satisfy the need for money, abundance, prosperity. Tzadkiel is the name of the angel of wealth, but he is also known by other names: Zachariel, Hesediel, Zachiel, Zedekiel, Tzadkiel, Zedekul, Sachiel, Hesed. The name of the angel evokes… Continue reading Angel of money evokes the unlimited grace