Names of God

Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning 47th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed contains the concept - I know the ways that lead from below to the top - ways to take with the decision and full confidence. Hesitation is… Read More

Dalet Nun Yod Meaning of the 50th Name of God

Dalet Nun Yod expresses the concept - I judge what has manifested - Because Dn in Hebrew is a root that means to judge, but based on an idea of… Read More

He Heth Shin 52st Name of God Meaning

He Heth Shin who benefits from the influences of this Divine Name love solitude and contemplation. They sadly shake their heads looking at society from the height of their invisible… Read More

Mem Vav Mem 72nd Name of God Meaning

Mem Vav Mem the vibration of this Name evokes the original concept hidden in the hieroglyph - it is I envelop all my questions on every side -. This is,… Read More

Resh Aleph Hey 69th Name of God in Kabbalah

Resh Aleph Hey Psalm 15: 5, God who sees everything is the only force we can resort to when we are lost and we want to meet again. Similarly, the… Read More

Yud Bet Mem 70th Name of God in Kabbalah

Yud Bet Mem Genesis 1: 1, The first sentences of Genesis are all dedicated to God who creates our Universe using his word as a creative medium. Things do not… Read More

Chet Bet Vav 68th Name of God in Kabbalah

Chet Bet Vav Psalm 105: 1, this is a difficult Name, but there are still people who come into this world with the skills that we will say, because this… Read More

Kabbalah and the 72 Names of God

Kabbalah is an ancient tool to implement a great emotional and spiritual physical revolution on itself. The story of Moses and the passage through the Red Sea contains a powerful… Read More

Hey Hey Ayin 12th Name of God Meaning

Hey Hey Ayin allows us to discover unconditional love by overcoming the needs of the inner self. Hey Hey Ayin is the beautiful name of those who have the task… Read More

Kaf Hey Tav 8th Name of God in Kabbalah

Kaf Hey Tav will neutralize all negative forces, including stress and nervous tension if you rely on Heavenly Father. Using this Name well involves being put in the infamous conditions… Read More