Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God Meaning

Yud Resh Ayin contains the concept – between appearances, as through a fog, I lead to the truth. While it is true that everyone likes to feel a little special, nobody likes to be really different. Each person would have a lot to tell about it if the fear of his wonderful talents had not… Continue reading Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God Meaning

Yud Yud Yud 22nd Name of God Meaning

Yud Yud Yud is one of the supreme rabbinic formulas that indicated the indescribability of God. The letter Yod in fact means both – manifesting – and – seeing. And the Highest is the One who manifests himself beyond all that has already manifested, enveloping every horizon that our inner sight can hope to grasp.… Continue reading Yud Yud Yud 22nd Name of God Meaning

Mem Bet Hey 55th Name of God

Mem Bet Hey hides the concept – I shape and produce spiritual forces. The vibrations of this Name confer great energy and self-denial, ideality, and tenacity. Lively imagination and acute sensitivity to ethical values, plus a clear, methodical, courageous, outgoing mind. And yet all that is needed to undertake great and new works, without letting… Continue reading Mem Bet Hey 55th Name of God

Yod Lamed Yod, I rise among those who see

Yod Lamed Yod, among the many meanings of this Name of God there is also – I make myself heard in the assembled assembly. And it is another way of describing the task that people influenced by this Name have given themselves in coming into the world. That is to be the leader, in all… Continue reading Yod Lamed Yod, I rise among those who see

Yod Yod Lamed Meaning of the 58th Name of God

Yod Yod Lamed is my higher sight to lead me up. Yod is in fact the hieroglyph of attention, of the pointing hand and of the obeying gaze, and people born these days ( 6 to 10 January) are masters in directing and attracting the gaze of others. They are also endowed with a massive… Continue reading Yod Yod Lamed Meaning of the 58th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning of the 47th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed contains the concept – I know the ways that lead from below to the top – ways to take with the decision and full confidence. Hesitation is the starting point and the only real enemy of people protected by the vibrations of this Name. They soon learn about the gravity force that the majority… Continue reading Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning of the 47th Name of God

Mem Nun Dalet Meaning of the 36th Name of God

Mem Nun Dalet gives the courage to dominate our fears by comparing them at a deeper level with the truth and pulling them out of the roots. The basic problem is the following – the real fears we normally have are not related to the events we are experiencing. But as we load those events with something that is hidden… Continue reading Mem Nun Dalet Meaning of the 36th Name of God

Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience

Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience while waiting for our intervention to connect the spiritual entities. Between physical reality and the ultimate source of joy in the spiritual dimension. The hope and confidence we find in Psalm 70: 5 are strongly linked to these entities. It is between these two realities, the… Continue reading Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience

Dalet Nun Yod contains the concept – I judge what has manifested. Because Dn is a root that means – to judge – but on the basis of an idea of ​​justice a little different from the current one. We believe that it is already a great thing to be able to weigh and punish, or reward, actions on the basis of certain principles that the majority considers valid.

Dn, on the other hand, is the evaluation of actions based on their consequences, Dalet (Daleth or Daled) indicates in the hieroglyph – the ability to separate, to distinguish. And the nun – the results of action. It is therefore a more realistic way to clarify, to understand human behavior. From the point of view of those who have done or suffered a wrong action, DN also hints at a different idea of ​​forgiveness.

For us, in fact, forgiving someone basically means forgetting. Also included in dn is the idea that one must always – separate – the individual from the actions he has committed. And therefore that whoever has stolen is not for that very reason a thief, but simply one who at a certain point has committed a theft.

In the same way that those who have a wrong life are not a failure, and those who have suffered a wrong are not a victim, and so on. Judge would become the one who, after analyzing some trouble, has the gift of saying to those involved – Here it is over, it’s you again, now you can see better learn from what happened and start over in another way.

Dalet Nun Yod Person Features

Dalet Nun Yod people have this power, from which they can draw great vigor, inspiration, and joy. Because they are naturally wise and sensitive, greedy for truth, and selfless. While the majority of men withdraw in horror or disgust at the mistakes or troubles of their fellow man. They are attracted to it by vocation, they feel the deep urge to untie the ties that bind the future of others as if that future were theirs.

They therefore shine in any field of care, such as social workers, rehabilitation specialists, educators in schools. Sometimes they become a blessing even as psychologists, although they do not have a specific Yod Energy.

But apart from these their most appropriate areas. The rule always applies that the more one discovers and develops the gifts of his Guardian Angel, the more his field of action extends. So whatever the profession, the discovery and development of his impulses to improve the lot of others will increase his luck.

But as always for these people, the consequences of a possible refusal of their talents can be ferocious. A person who bears the Name Dalet Nun Yod in his date of birth is who decides to take care only of his own personal well-being, is regularly besieged by inconveniences. Which will make him want for himself just what he should have done for others.

Life will place him in situations of defeat, oppression, even despair, the harder the more he tries to desire something and to expose himself to obtain it. The only way out, very lean, would be to keep everything aside. In some shell-like profession, never daring anything, never even trying to know one’s true personality.

Thus resigned and frightened, the reluctant would only have to get lost in some mass and flow with it, hoping that nothing bad will happen to that mass. Or that eventually someone who is awake and willing to help her in critical phases comes up.

Dalet Nun Yod Name of the Guardian Angel Daniel, protector of all those born between November 28th and December 2nd. Dalet Nun Yod and Guardian Angel Prayer Psalm 103 verse 8