The Archangels, guardian of the Earth

Angels and archangels are always with us, they guide us, protect us, help us in every moment of our life. In particular, archangels can be in multiple places simultaneously. This… Read More

Archangel Jophiel means the beauty of God

The archangel Jophiel is as the meaning of his name suggests, the angel of beauty, harmonious thoughts, and balance. Archangel Jophiel has our balance very much at heart and helps… Read More

The power of love converts pain into a healing force

The power of love as a burning fire converts pain into a healing force. Love is a powerful force that man knows a lot on the surface. Through it, God… Read More

Guardian Angel Love Us Unconditionally

Guardian angel love us unconditionally. Each of us has a guardian Angel, who accompanies him from the moment of his birth until the moment of death, staying close to him… Read More

Malala, the miracle that reveals what resistance is

Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for the right to education for women and children and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2014 at just 17 years of age (the youngest in the… Read More

Luck beats once on the same door

Luck beats once on the same door, an ancient maxim states that luck beats only once on the same door. It is a proverb aimed only at impressing the naive.… Read More

We see reality only through the Light

We see based on our prejudices, our selfishness, our fears, the fear of not being up to the moment of life to face and we do not realize that reality… Read More

Faith is the dowry of the soul that surpasses the mind

Faith moves mountains because it is a gift that God gives to our soul allowing it to overcome its dominion! Very important in the life of each of us is… Read More

True generosity is giving what you are

True generosity is to give what you are, not what you have. Giving is a way to get out of the ego's boundaries, to be part of the world and… Read More

The soul mate is the mirror of what you are

To find our soul mate, we can practice the exercise to enhance the awareness that will allow us to make that evolutionary leap that we need to finally be able… Read More

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