True generosity is giving what you are

True generosity is to give what you are, not what you have. Giving is a way to get out of the ego's boundaries, to be part of the world and… Read More

The soul mate is the mirror of what you are

To find our soul mate, we can practice the exercise to enhance the awareness that will allow us to make that evolutionary leap that we need to finally be able… Read More

Charity is love free of benevolence

When we talk about charity, the thought runs spontaneously to the wallet and immediately we imagine the classic gesture of almsgiving. Instead, when Christians talk about the charity they want… Read More

Bless the money, financial help prayer

Bless the money. My economic well-being comes from God, for this reason, my bag is always full, every time the money comes out immediately it returns more than multiplied seventy-seven… Read More

Saint Dinfna healing prayer from depression

Saint Dinfna is the protector of people suffering from depression. Depression in its various forms and its cases tell us that each person can experience it differently because different causes… Read More

The source symbolizes birth, life, and death

The source is a symbol of purity of great symbolic and mystical richness. Physically it is the link in the chain without which the water cycle could not be produced.… Read More

The spiritual person takes care of the soul

Being a spiritual person does not mean being perfect, loving unconditionally, and putting yourself completely at the service of others, this belongs to the Saints and the great Masters and… Read More

The family as a resource of religious values

In the family, religious values ​​would be proposed from childhood, to be cultivated in childhood, to be rethought in adolescence, so that the subject integrates them into his culture. Parents… Read More

Inner solitude is a transversal experience

Inner solitude is not the simple experience of being alone, but it is that moment of recollection that accompanies moments of deep reflection. It is a transversal experience that accompanies… Read More

Crying is good for the heart and mood

Crying is a physiological manifestation that allows us to rebalance mood, which is why crying is good for our bodies. According to William Shakespeare, our body is like a garden… Read More