Nanael Angel 53rd of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Nanael angel 53rd urges optimism, generosity, and action, urges to know how to look towards the real needs of one's soul. Which are perfectly aligned with the needs of the… Read More

Hahasiah Angel 51st of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Hahasiah Angel urges to find in themselves the goodness and trust to put it into practice, without ever giving in to discouragement and recrimination. He invites us to always seek… Read More

Imamiah Angel 52nd of Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Imamiah Angel urges us to observe ourselves in depth by trying to understand our changes, and therefore the true meaning of the experiences we face and the consequences that determine… Read More

Nanael Guardian Angel Born December 13 to 16

Nanael Guardian Angel represents the solar aspect of the Venusian energies of the Principalities Angels, he is the most luminous Angel. According to tradition, he allows us to see God… Read More

Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12

Imamiah Guardian Angel has the power to harmonize the energies of Mars (which represents strength and work), with the energies of Venus (which represents love, sweetness, ease). If they come… Read More

Hahasiah Guardian Angel Born December 3 to 7

Hahasiah Guardian Angel incites the person to exteriorize himself by expressing the values ​​he instills: peace, harmony, convivial spirit, benevolent union among all, grace, and brotherhood on a universal level.… Read More

Nithael Guardian Angel Born December 17 to 21

Nithael dispenses the energies of Venus in the choir of the Principalities Angels. It is, therefore, an angel bringing beauty, art, and sensitivity; in fact, it dominates artistic and aesthetic… Read More

Daniel Guardian Angel Born November 28 to Dec 2

Daniel Guardian Angel stimulates a love for leadership. For his power the person will be led to direct, he will enjoy high rank and functions. Daniel assures the sympathy of… Read More

Vehuel Guardian Angel Born November 23 to 27

Vehuel is defined as the most sublime and exalted angel, the one that unites, fuses, and interpenetrates the pleasures of Heaven and Earth. It intensifies the sensorial perceptions and creates… Read More

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