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Chavakiah Guardian Angel Born September 13 to 17

Chavakiah incites to reconquer the Eden that we have been forced to leave, for this reason, the moral self of the people will find expression in beneficial expeditions carried out in dangerous areas. They may find themselves having to spend on behalf of problematic people or in any case in serious difficulty. These experiences will aim to make people protected by this Angel understand that they must proceed to an inner review, make a sort of journey in themselves to get to know each other more deeply.

Invoking Chavakiah will be able to receive great help in this path, obtaining pardon from others, the joy of living in peace and harmony with everyone, but also material gifts through hereditary legacies. With the help of Chavakiah, they will be able to reconcile with unity and eternal principles, while in everyday life the influence of the angel will manifest itself through reconciliations, even with people of opposite interests.

The need for reconciliation may emerge in particular in their life, as obstacles in the field of family relationships or work, therefore a theme to be expressed precisely through work or family. They may also find themselves living together or working in difficult or hostile environments (or that will appear so, and with which they will have to reconcile). It is through the experience of these obstacles that the reconquest of Heaven lost will pass.

Anyone born under this influence will be a great contributor to social well-being, often at the expense of sacrificing personal interests. He will love living in peace with everyone and seeing the people reconciled. His morality will always be under strict control, and may even suppress his feelings. A practical mind, the ability to make wise decisions. Always attentive to details, he will speak in a pleasant and discreet way, never using force to make himself understood.

Your emotional well-being will depend on the approval of others in your social life. It will have wealth and help promote issues related to medicine and spirituality. Your daily work will be arduous, full of news, being careful not to be austere and overly demanding with yourself. You will have an immense aversion for extravagant attitudes or social scandals. It will probably be physically attractive and will not bother finding your soul mate.

Chavakiah Prayer – Psalm 115:1 Dilexi quoniam exaudit Dominus vocem orationes meae

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