Cherub Angels guardians of the holy places

The Cherub Angels are the first angels to appear in the Holy Scriptures. God placed them at the gates of Heaven as guardians of the light and the stars. – So he drove the man out, and placed the cherubs in the east of the garden of Eden, who swung a flaming sword all around, to guard the way to the tree of life. Genesis 3:24

In the Old Testament, they are spoken of as the guardians of the holy places, they are obliged to let only those authorized enter. In fact, when God ordered Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant. Gi said to put two Cherub Angels on the bridge to watch over the safety of the Ark.

Cherub angels fully receive the divine light of God

As for their name, it reveals to us their power to know and contemplate the Divinity and their ability to fill themselves with the gift of wisdom and then communicate it. Cherubs see God perfectly, they fully receive his divine light which they convert into pure love.

According to the texts of the Old Testament, the work they do most frequently is to transport God from one place to another. Their knowledge of God is perfect, surpassed only by the ardent passion of the Seraphim Angels, but their task is linked to protection.

They strengthen all those who pray to them in the Faith. The strength of intelligence is typical of the Cherub Angels, an intelligence that cannot be separated from love. They are surrounded by flames, but they are not represented as beings of fire. The colors that characterize them are the shining white of the light, color with golden tints, or light blue.

Renaissance painters represent them as slightly rounded child angels, but in the Old Testament, they are described differently. Call upon them whenever you wish to receive protection. Purification and wisdom and they will give you their help and their love.

Cherub Angels Prayer

O most wise Cherubs, absorbed in divine contemplation, make me know my misery and the greatness of the Lord.
Glory to the father to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
as it was in the beginning
now and forever, forever and ever

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