Chokmah is a dynamic Sephirah with unlimited energy

Chokmah is a dynamic Sephirah, flowing with unlimited energy and it will be good to get used to seeing it as a channel for the passage of force, of that force that most directly springs from Kether and therefore resembles it. It is defined by the Sepher Yetzirah – Illuminating Intelligence or Wisdom. It will then be Binah the third Sephirah, who receives his influx of emanation and Binah is the first Sephirah who organizes and stabilizes the force.

Chokmah being the first energy or Sephirah that emanates from Kether represents Wisdom and is the right arm of Kether, the life-giver of all created things. He is therefore considered the Father always in all cultures. In Chokmah the lingams of the Hindus are erected, the Greek fouls, and the standing stones, the totems, the tower, and the raised scepter.

We must understand it as a symbol of dynamic and positive force as it is considered the male one. While the static, latent, potential, and inert force is considered feminine until it receives a stimulus. It is not possible to understand Chokmah without considering his partner Binah, the female part.

In Chokmah and Binah we have the Positive and the Negative, the primordial masculinity and femininity, established when the Face was not aimed (Zohar) and the manifestation was incipient. It is from these primary Couples of Opposites that the Pillars of the Universe emerge, between which the network of the Event is woven. Polarity is the law that regulates and allows the descent of force and its ascent.

Chokmah is the Sephirah from which the male pillar of which Chesed and Netzach also belong. It is considered the Pillar of Grace inasmuch as the type of force that bestows is dynamic and masculine and stimulates creation and evolution. While Binah, together with Geburah and Hod gives rise to the Pillar of Severity which is a builder of forms. And the form, although it is the builder and organizer of the creative force, is also a limiting factor.

The form then becomes a hindrance to evolution and therefore it is in charge of decay and death. No form can be infinite or eternal. Death is implicit in birth and the maternal uterus is the gateway to matter that sacrifices the Primordial Force.

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