Choose a heart your angel has a message for you

Choose a heart the guardian angel has a message for you, its purpose is to get closer to us and that is why it tries to infiltrate our lives and talk to us in a comfortable environment for us. If you are reading this post it is because you like tests that lead you to discover things about yourself and your angel knows it, so he sends you a very particular message through today’s test.

Choose a heart and read on to find out what your guardian angel has in store for you. Choose the heart that hit you, at first sight, follow your subconscious.

Blue heart

Your angel wants to tell you that he knows that you still suffer a lot because of the past and that you cannot forget all this pain. However, he also notes that your attachment to what happened makes you stagnate and wants to tell you that the time has come to put it aside.

You understand that the past has already happened, but you still have the power to improve your present. So focus and live in the present, trying to do better now so as not to suffer and have new regrets later on.

Problems and difficulties will always be there to help us grow, but we must learn to recognize when it is the right time to leave them behind. Cut with the past, ask for help if necessary. Free yourself from what has already happened and start a new life, only then can you live in fullness and happiness.

Pink heart

Your angel sees everything you’ve done recently and tells you to congratulate yourself on your wisdom. He wants you to continue in this dynamic and not give up, despite the difficulties that may arise.

Before the best things in life happen to you, there are challenges you have to overcome and you have to show your worth and motivation, which is why you will find yourself in difficult situations. But keep your strength because you’re on the right track.

The change you’ve been waiting for is coming. New people, opportunities and reasons to be happy are ready to enter your life and you are ready to welcome everything. Slow down and eliminate negative thoughts, because everything is going to be even better than you think.

White heart

What your angel is trying to tell you is that you have to start doing internal work on yourself. You have to try to change your life and find healthier and happier ways to move forward, but first you need to take care of your inner self so that these changes can take place fully.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be extremely difficult, especially for those who have spent a lot of time protecting themselves, but if you don’t break free and make lifestyle changes, you can never reach it.

Right now, you’re not where you should be, which is why you often feel that your life doesn’t make much sense. Start developing internal work, don’t be afraid to let go of everything you don’t need and try new things. Self-knowledge will set you free and give you a much better story for your life.

Red heart

Your angel warns you that for some time you have been missing out on many opportunities to achieve the realization or success you most desire. Many possibilities appear to you in different areas of life but, for whatever reason, go unnoticed or are deliberately overlooked.

You are too attached and tired of your habits and your routine, to the point of not paying enough attention to precious things, such as the great opportunities that are offered to you to transform your reality.

Choose not to sabotage yourself, don’t let everyday problems keep you away from your dreams. Always keep alive what vibrates your soul and makes your heart beat faster. Don’t close your eyes anymore, as a great chance of being happy can happen at any time.

Yellow heart

Your angel tells you that you should spend more time with your loved ones. You may be too attached to work or life’s problems, but you shouldn’t forget the people who are important in your life and who need your love and attention.

Your lack of attention for these people causes them great suffering. Now is the time to show them your gratitude and spend more quality time with them, it will transform everyone’s life and introduce you into a new, extremely powerful connection.

The family is often one of our most precious gifts and one of our major sources of support. Make sure you take care of yours in the right way, it will only attract good things in your path.

This post was published on April 20, 2020 11:01 am