Communicating with the soul to know ourselves

Communicating with the soul allows us to truly know ourselves and allows us not to fall into the traps of the ego. In fact, only when we are really connected with our soul, we can have a positive vision of life and what happens to us.

The heart is the door to access the most intimate part of ourselves, our soul. The heart understood as an energetic center is also the door of angelic communication. Through the heart, we can allow our soul to communicate with us and with the angels.

Being a victim is one of the main traps of the ego. In order not to fall into this trap we must understand that we are the only actors in our life. This awareness is acquired when we are connected with the truest and most intimate part of us.

Communicating with Angels and archangels is fundamental in all of this. They are our friends, our guides and they know us much more than we think. One of their tasks is precisely to make us rediscover the truest part of us and to help us open our hearts.

Opening the heart means not closing in on oneself in the face of life’s difficulties. Opening the heart means looking inside ourselves and getting in touch with our true essence. There are four archangels who can help us open our hearts.

Communicating with the soul thanks to the Angels

The archangel Ariel is the angel of the manifestation. He is a very vigorous archangel, Ariel helps people strengthen their courage and confidence. He teaches us to give ourselves the right value and to open our hearts to love for ourselves.

Archangel Chamuel carries out numerous tasks. His name means the One who sees God and in fact helps us to find lost things, including the soul mate and the truest part of us. Chamuel takes care of our heart and opens it to the awareness of truth and love.

The archangel Jophiel, his name means the beauty of God and it is no coincidence that he is called the angel of beauty. He gives off very sweet and delicate energy. He helps us to see with the eyes of the heart and therefore allows us to see the true beauty in ourselves and in others.

The archangel Raphael emanates very loving and delicate energy, but at the same time, his emerald green light is able to heal our soul, our body, and our heart. His name means God’s medicine. He helps us to heal and heal the wounds of the heart, to allow us to open our hearts to pure and unconditional love.

You can invoke these four archangels whenever you feel the need. Their powerful and loving energy will open your heart to love and true knowledge of yourself.

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