Compassion gives me the strength to accept and forgive

Divine compassion gives me the strength to accept and forgive.
The angels of compassion bring hope and help to those who struggle, they renew our faith in God and in His infinite goodness. They bring compassion into our lives and help us to understand that God’s love pours out on us at all times, to become aware of the fact that we are permanently protected and guided. At the same time, it leads us to express our gratitude for all the good deeds we receive.

With their particular skill, these Angels always guide us with compassion when we feel weak and helpless. To all those who fight in the name of God, they bring hope and trust and renew faith in the omnipotence of Divine Grace. Lilac is the color of the angels of compassion, the universal symbol of Purity and Truth.

The angels of compassion are the intermediaries between God and men

They intervene on our behalf and obtain the Grace of divine compassion for us when we suffer or when we feel abandoned or forgotten by God. Compassion can be experienced in countless ways, many times without realizing it. It can manifest itself through the intervention of a friend in a moment of desperation.

Through a surplus of energy when we feel depressed, or through a change in the attitude of those close to us. Through an appropriate professional situation or even with a meeting that can transform our existence.

Then the most difficult situations are resolved, as we discover immediate solutions to our problems even in the most critical moments.

Becoming aware of the fact that these interventions are of divine origin leads us to keep hope even when things are not going well. At one time or another, the light will shine in the dark, the obstacles in which we continually blocked ourselves will smooth out by themselves. We must never stop trusting in divine compassion.

The main virtue that determines any action of this Angel is compassion. Some men believe that this quality is synonymous with the feeling of pity. From an esoteric point of view, however, compassion implies, apart from pity, the perfect power to empathize with the suffering of others and the ability to take someone’s suffering and neutralize it.

The Angel of Compassion offers us God’s love as a reality of life

When finding ourselves in an unpleasant situation, we orient ourselves with all aspiration towards the Divine, we are helped by the Angel of Compassion. He inspires us to make a permanent place in our thoughts, to divine mercy.

This angel is the one who facilitates and ensures the overcoming of the dramatic events of our life, making it possible to orient them towards a happy ending. His compassion is manifested through a miraculous force coming directly from God, and which allows him to help us readily if we invoke him when we are in danger.

All we have to do to feel it is to open our hearts to his infinite splendor. Compassion guides us towards the light and towards the eternal love of God. We pray to the angels of compassion to always be close to us. Let us not try to control events, but accept them as permanent good deeds of God. We are more generous and tolerant with others and with ourselves.

Since God does not condemn us irremediably and grants us his Grace, we too learn in turn to welcome the repentance of others, forgiving with all our hearts.

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