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Courage awakens the feeling of invulnerability

Courage, moral quality based on constant audacity, decision, consequence and perseverance. By maximizing these characteristics, the human being can completely eliminate fear in the face of dangerous situations, remaining calm in that circumstance. The courageous attitude allows us to analyze risks with clarity and to understand the means necessary to remove or avoid the traps present in the journey of life, overcoming the feeling of distrust in one’s own strength, bearing dignity in physical, mental or moral suffering advancing decisively towards the achievement of the set goals and, if necessary, giving one’s life high front, if the ideal for which struggle deserves this sacrifice. The acts of sublime courage, of high significance and moral value, are generated by high, divine, noble principles and feelings, such as: love of neighbor, a sense of human solidarity with the people of which we are part, the feeling of fraternity, etc.

Not all courageous actions are positively appreciated, because the moral value of courage appears in relation to the ideal to which we relate. Those courageous actions that are put at the service of divine ideals, high, humanitarian, altruistic, just, that point to spiritual progress are positively justified and appreciated. Such acts of courage are beneficial to humanity, they contribute to its spiritual, divine progress and are therefore of high morality. Courage must not be confused with any rash action carried out in situations of danger or difficulty. Anyone who performs a certain action without becoming almost aware of the difficulties or the existing danger does not show any courage. There are also other situations, such as actions that arise out of desperation, an evil spirit of boldness, anarchist rebellion, adventurism as an end in itself, egotistical bravado, etc., which outwardly seem similar to courage, but which in reality are very different from the true nature of courage.

These actions happen especially among teenagers. Failing to distinguish between these misinterpreted attitudes and courage, some commit them thinking with this of showing recklessness. But courage is a quality that is formed through education and self-education. Courage is therefore a characteristic of the human mind of a volitional order which consists in the ability to consciously face the dangers and to act accordingly in conditions at risk. It does not mean the absence of fear, but its total control and overcoming. Courage awakens in us the mysterious feeling of invulnerability, giving an immense energy to the soul and giving strength to the body, thus determining the appearance of the beginning of success.

Courage is one of the four cardinal virtues, which means imperturbability in danger. It arises from the nobility of spirit and requires self-denial, the strength to know how to impose oneself and the will to affirm. It is not only required of soldiers, but of each of us. Life is, analogously speaking, like riding a bicycle: to move forward you need to ride with great courage while maintaining balance. We all need courage to live the life that has been attributed to us. The norms that most people strive to follow are set by the media. The mass media outlets largely dictate both how to dress like what needs to be done. We need a lot of courage for a person to be different, as he considers it to be suitable. Sometimes it takes courage to support our point of view.

Courage in the Christian tradition

Even in the context of Christian spirituality and other spiritual traditions, Courage finds its place of honor alongside other divine virtues, among the essential qualities and attributes for spiritual fulfillment. The courage, the audacity, the temerity, and even the ability to impose oneself with triumphant force on the evil, demonic, satanic or perverse aspects of being constitute the object of numerous researches and writings of the saints and of the great Christian mystics. the Gospels and the Fathers of the Church often remind us that the absence of fear, audacity and impetuous impetus are indispensable tools for obtaining divine treasures: – Know that in the Kingdom of Heaven one enters by assault (with an unshakable courage and with an impulse full of ardor, and those who do so obtain it – or again – The Gospel of the Kingdom of God announces: to enter it, everyone must do it by assault – (Luke 16, 16).

Likewise, the description of how courage appears according to Christian thought is particularly significant: here the obvious analogies with the tantric millennial wisdom strike so unexpectedly, even for ignorant people. Thus, it clearly shows in Orthodox Christianity about the courage that is a divine quality that sometimes manifests itself in the human being through the sublimation full of successful aggression.

Because of the fall of man from the heavenly state and with its entry into the wickedness of sin, say the Fathers of the Church, anger (solar aspect, emissive of the human being) becomes sick, perverted, man uses it above all for struggle to satisfy the gross pleasures, the inferior outbursts and the pride, thus making the will of the demons. Instead the same energy (anger), when it is healed and purified through an adequate sublimation of all the egotistical aspects, becomes, through this true inner alchemy, extremely beneficial for the human being in question. It must therefore – not kill this faculty of the human being (anger), but convert it (sublimate it adequately into subtle beneficial energy), to then manifest it in a correct manner, as it was created by GOD – as Saint Basil teaches Great.

How can one convert (sublimate) but this rabid strength (subtle energy), as it is called in the Christian context? The recommendations of Christian saints are almost identical to those of initiates in the mysteries of other spiritual traditions: first of all fighting against evil, in all its forms, as this power (courage or sublimated anger has been given to man by GOD, as an efficient and formidable weapon against evil.

We ask the Angels of Courage to help us before making important decisions. We can never have the certainty of an absolute choice, but despite this at crucial moments we must make a decision. To move forward we must take a road. Every road has a bottleneck that we must cross in order for our life to go on.

Jesus told us: – Enter through the narrow door, because the path is narrow and the door leading to life is narrow, and very few are those who find it. But the door is wide and the way that leads to perdition is spacious and many are those who walk on it –

We must find our own way, and it is not enough to imitate others. We must pay attention to our path and choose it with courage, even if we have to start on our own. Only on our journey will we grow and reach true life.

The Angels of Courage can help us worry about what is a priority. There are so many situations in everyday life in which the angels of Courage can help us do what needs to be done at a certain time.

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