Covid, going beyond fear to find yourself

Covid, going beyond fear to find oneself is the great challenge that we are all called to fight in these difficult times full of anguish. Never before are we all called to fight the battle of battles, face the demons of our fears. Fear is within us, it is an internal resource that allows us to recognize danger and gives us prudence.

When fear becomes dominant it turns into a tyrant and makes us its slaves. We were born to become free and not to be subjected to a feeling that forces us to lie, to hide, to become cowardly and paralyzed people. Even God, in the sacred scriptures, through his prophets and witnesses of faith invites us several times not to be afraid.

When Moses stood in front of the Red Sea he cried out to his people about him – Do not be afraid, You will see today the salvation of the Lord. Moses had learned to become a spiritually secure man, he had learned to trust in the power of God. To honor him as the almighty Lord and to give him first place in his life and in his heart.

The point is precisely this, fear in front of great trials (the highest of all is one’s own death), is not a feeling that we can avoid, because it is part of our human nature. What matters is that the feeling of fear is not put in the first place. But won by an intimate sense of security in something or someone who gives us the strength to fight the battle of the moment with courage and determination.

Covid, go beyond fear to be reborn

Personally, I grew up in the swamps of fears, those of my adolescent fragility, those of other people’s judgment, and many others. I know the smell of every fear encountered, their corrosive power, the inevitable drowning in them despite the desire to get out.

I know the poison which they inject into the psyche and which gives a sense of general paralysis. Always living on a sense of danger, of being able to fall from one moment to the next from the rope of one’s desires.

I know what the sudden heartbeat that wakes you up in the middle of the night or worse, assaults you during the day when you least expect it means. Fear cares about your future and devours you in its jaws hour after hour, day after day, year after year. Until you are able to rebel against it and thunder, that’s enough now.

Going beyond fear to find yourself is the most important challenge to fight because it is when we are free from it that we can walk on water. Crossing the Red Sea is like Moses making water gush from a rock to carry out the great project of salvation and inner rebirth that awaits each of us.

Overcoming fear to regain confidence in ourselves, to rekindle the colors of hope. To feel the scent of true freedom of men and women who know how to give their best, is the great challenge that the Covid virus has launched us.

There are doctors, nurses, and volunteers who are giving us a great lesson in courage and how to fight fear through passion, dedication, and the love of neighbors. Let’s give them a hand by making them feel that they are not alone because together it is easier to cross the threatening waves of the Coronavirus.

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