Crying is good for the heart and mood

Crying is a physiological manifestation that allows us to rebalance mood, which is why crying is good for our bodies. According to William Shakespeare, our body is like a garden and the mind is its gardener. We are therefore a source and transmitter of powerful energies that pass through us and govern us. Emotions are great weapons that allow us to download or metabolize the energetic tensions activated by stimuli and impulses. All our experiences are first of all experiences of the mind, which is why it is so important to activate the great power of the mind that we all have.

It, therefore, takes – another look – to be able to understand the psychosomatic rules that participate in creating our well-being. Holding back crying or never crying can cause damage to our body which is deprived of the ability to manage stress and tension more effectively. According to a survey, nine out of ten people feel better after a good cry (about 88% of the population) and a woman cries on average 47 times in a year. Avoiding crying, therefore, increases the risk of heart attacks and brain damage. Crying is good for the heart, especially with emotional crying we get rid of toxins produced by stress.

Striving not to cry, blocks the emotions within us by favoring incorrect positions even for the spine, for example, think of the classic curved shoulders caused by a stiffening of the muscles. The tension then travels from the mind directly to the stomach, damaging it and ultimately causing gastritis and intestinal pain.

By doing so we then contribute to weakening our immune system already tried because of the strong negative stimuli to which it has been subjected. Research by William Frey, a biochemist from the University of Minnesota (USA) has scientifically shown that both physical and psychological benefits arise from crying. The scholar has formulated the recovery theory according to which emotional tears, that are those caused by pain or emotion, would be a real cure-all for our physical well-being.

They would allow the body to recover the energy lost due to a strong tension, freeing us of something to restore our balance. Crying also causes the production of a natural anesthetic that relaxes the muscles thus facilitating a relaxing state of our body. According to Professor Frey, tears by helping us deal with nervousness have allowed us to survive the pressures of natural selection. This is why every secretion that comes from our body is precious and capable of miracles.

This post was published on May 9, 2020 8:04 pm

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