Daily Meditation with Archangel Michael


Daily Meditation, we are often slaves to our thoughts, when the mind is full of discouraging and negative thoughts, our whole body suffers, stress anxiety, and fear increase. When we have conscious thoughts everything changes, being aware is an important step in changing one’s life. If you are feeling positive thoughts, your life will be fantastic and everything will manifest itself very quickly.

To see a real difference in your life through conscious thoughts, you need to create a real daily repetition of positive patterns. The first thing to do is to create your group of positive affirmations. Repeating them every day in daily meditation brings positive energy and concrete changes.

Remember that positive affirmation must be made in the present as if it were something that is happening, or in the past as if it were something that has already happened. Make these statements a daily use not to use them only occasionally. You will understand when it is time to quit and possibly start again with the same statements or with others. If you notice that your mind is bombarded with negative thoughts, ask Archangel Michael for help.

He will help you transform the way you formulate your thoughts. Thanks to this powerful archangel you will begin to act and think in terms of – I can do it and I deserve to be happy. Along with the verbalization of positive thoughts, the second thing to do to have conscious thoughts is to learn to keep silent. The purpose of meditation is to get in touch with yourself. Meditation allows you to connect with your higher self.

If you find yourself in difficulty in your daily life, you can follow some steps that will help you find balance and serenity. Daily meditation is the divine path through which you can free yourself from stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

Michael the Archangel Daily Meditation

Go to your sacred place (a silent and clean place in your home) and make sure you are not disturbed for about twenty minutes. Make yourself comfortable relax and close your eyes, take a deep breath while closing your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply, breathe in and out, and let go of all tension. Concentrate on breathing and free your mind to let your awareness expand, concentrate on viewing the image or the name of the Archangel Michael.

Now imagine that you are in a beautiful place, an enchanted garden with many beautiful colorful flowers. In the middle of the garden, you notice a beautiful golden bench. You sit down and while you enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden with all your senses, the archangel Michael appears beside you. Archangel Michael smiles at you and wraps you in his splendid light.

Let yourself be immersed in this splendid light, allowing it to enter your heart and every corner of your body. Let the light heal you and make you aware of your greatness and your power. Breathe deeply throughout the process, when the archangel Michael has finished, thank him for the help he has given you, then return to the present and when you are ready, open your eyes.