Dalet Nun Yod Meaning of the 50th Name of God

Dalet Nun Yod expresses the concept – I judge what has manifested – Because Dn in Hebrew is a root that means to judge, but based on an idea of ​​justice a little different from the current one. We believe that it is already a great thing to be able to weigh and punish or reward actions based on certain principles that the majority considers valid.

Dn, on the other hand, is evaluating actions based on their consequences, dalet indicates in the hieroglyph – the ability to separate, to distinguish – and a nun – the results of acting -. It is, therefore, a more realistic way of clarifying, of understanding human behavior. From those who have done or suffered a wrong action, DN also flashes a different idea of ​​forgiveness.

For us, forgiving someone means forgetting, in his case, the principles of justice, or considering them less important than the individual (the risk is of course that by dint of forgiving in this sense, those principles end up weakening).

While the dn also includes the idea that the individual should always be separated from the actions he has committed. And therefore that whoever stole is not a thief for that matter, but simply one who at some point committed a theft. In the same way, whoever has wronged life is not a failure, and whoever has suffered wrong is not a victim, and so on.

In short, the judge would become the one who, after analyzing some trouble, has the gift of telling whoever was involved – Here it is, you are again you can now see better, learn from what happened and start again in another way -. And people inspired by Dalet Nun Yod have precisely this power, from which they can draw great inspiration and joy because they are by nature wise and sensitive, greedy for truth and selfless.

While the majority of men withdraw in horror or disgust at the errors or troubles of a fellow man. These people are attracted to it by vocation, they feel the deep impulse to untie the laces that bind the future of others as if that future was theirs. They, therefore, shine in any field of assistance as social workers, rehabilitation specialists, educators in difficult schools, sometimes they become a blessing even as psychologists, although they do not have a specific Yod energy.

But apart from their most appropriate areas, the rule that the more one discovers and develops the qualities of his guardian angel, the more his field of action extends. So whatever the profession, the discovery and development of his impulses to improve the fate of others will increase his luck.

Dalet Nun Yod meticulously analyzes the dynamics of the psychological and moral ties that imprison the personality of the normal civilized individual. Finding a link in the inner life as well as in society already means having started to melt.

The dn is based on that fundamental law of the limit, according to which no one who has seen his limit remains truly blocked since it would have been impossible to see it if he had not already gone beyond it. Therefore the judgments of Dalet Nun Yod people always have an invigorating effect, breathed by their analysis of the momentum of a new desire to live, of new hopes.

In addition to the lively perception of a moral victory, perhaps over ourselves, when we see that some of our defeats depended only on our wrong behavior, and we realize that nothing prevents us from behaving otherwise from then on. On the other hand, as regards outlining concrete projects for a better future, they are not as precise and reliable. Their job is to judge, not to build.

Dalet Nun Yod corresponds to the guardian angel Daniel – DaNuYoEL – Daniel is an angel among the Principalities Angels in which he administers the energies of Saturn. Its element is Fire
Zodiacal Domicile from 5th to 10th of Sagittarius and is the Guardian Angel of those born from November 28th to December 2nd

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