Damabiah 65th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Damabiah 65th is sometimes metaphorically described as a beautiful ship parked at the dock. It could set sail as soon as possible because there is nothing around here that can serve it, while beyond the horizon it will find new lands and riches. But for some strange spell, the ship remains anchored to the dock.

The captain is terrified of shipwrecks and every time the ship ventured out there was something wrong, and it had to hurry back to the port. Months and years go by. The ship risks becoming a monument to lost opportunities, a warning to anyone who sees it: – Don’t be like me! – And the crew lives off small jobs in the docks and in the port offices.

The qualities developed by Damabiah are wisdom and diplomacy, a yearning for knowledge, a tendency to deepen. Spontaneity and vivacity of spirit, the intuition of the , love and respect for Water.

Elaphon is the name of the angel of the abyss who contrasts the works of Damabiah. It represents spells and unbelief. Inspires emotional and physical storm and wreck, confusion of feelings. It causes everything that is harmful to the sea and rivers: storms, shipwrecks, floods.

Damabiah 65th Kabbalah Angel Meditation –

Meditation associated with Damabiah is called fear of God, understood as an awareness of how connected everything is. Abusing someone is like sticking your fingers into an electrical outlet, being hit by a discharge that otherwise wouldn’t have hurt us.

It is therefore not electrical energy that should be feared, but action that can put us in dangerous contact with it; the fear of God is the awareness of the future consequences of our actions. According to Kabbalah, Damabiah provides the power to carefully evaluate things in their reality.

Now focus your vision on the Name Damabiah, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention: in my heart, I become aware of the divine spark present in every being. I perceive the consequence of every word and every action, I understand that sharing with others also provides me with precise direct consequences.

Damabiah 65th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

 – The Angel assumes that we are generous with the money we have available. He gives us luck to the extent that we are able to give, to then receive much more in money and good fame and solid prestige. On the contrary, however, we could also receive sums of money useful for our purposes of that moment, which they commit us to make by adding gratitude and solidarity.

Career – The Guardian Angel gives the opportunity to work in agriculture, in plant and flower nurseries, in the food industry, however in specific contact with nature. Especially with a fruitful and flourishing nature, full of fruit possibilities and nurturing opportunities. We could work in food production and catering, in sectors that provide food for others.

Health – We must remember that the Guardian Angel Damabiah presides over the gastrointestinal function. It controls the exchange and facilitates the transit of food in the body, it refers to the ability to draw sustenance from food.

However, it combines the ability to preserve what we have with a specific inability to get rid of waste. The same generosity that leads us to get rid of what we consider superfluous is on the basis of an ability to eliminate, materially and morally, all that we no longer need.

65 of the Kabbalah is the guardian angel of people born between 10 and 14 of February. If you were born these days Damabiah is always listening to you.

In particular, its energies unfold on the dates of your birthday and in the other 5 days given by Tradition 13 March, 26 May, 9 August, 21 October, 1 January. Every day from 09.20 pm to 09.40 pm. He therefore also assists those born on these days and at this time, on any date of birth, and this is the best time when everyone can invoke him.

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