Damabiah angelic influence for love career money

Damabiah angelic influence, if you follow the truth you will have immense luck. Because when you complete what you started, you always get great satisfaction that is independent of the gain itself. Knowledge and wisdom are gifts that are acquired only through commitment and perseverance. The important thing in life is to know that you never know enough.

Damabiah angelic influence Love

The Angel (guardian angel of people born from 10 to 14 February) instills an extraordinary love, bestows a love that also pinpoints on friendship, on solidarity towards the pain of others, and makes use of an equally understanding and participating partner. Together you will be able to alleviate for someone the pains and discomforts of past lives and fatiguing karmic debts. Together you will be able to bring relief to the suffering, give each other a solid and happily loving bond. Together you will be a loving force of sweetness.

Damabiah Money

The Angel assumes that we are generous with the money we have available. He gives us luck to the extent that we are able to give, to then receive much more in money and good fame and solid prestige. On the contrary, however, we could also receive sums of money useful for our purposes of that moment, which they commit us to make by adding gratitude and solidarity.

Damabiah Career

The Guardian Angel gives the opportunity to work in agriculture, in plant and flower nurseries, in the food industry, however in specific contact with nature. Especially with a fruitful and flourishing nature, full of fruit possibilities and nurturing opportunities. We could work in food production and catering, in sectors that provide food for others.

Damabiah Health

We must remember that the Guardian Angel Damabiah presides over the gastrointestinal function. It controls the exchange and facilitates the transit of food in the body, it refers to the ability to draw sustenance from food. However, it combines the ability to preserve what we have with a specific inability to get rid of waste. The same generosity that leads us to get rid of what we consider superfluous is at the basis of an ability to eliminate, materially and morally, all that we no longer need.

Popular prayer

  • Thanks to you Lord Damabiah Angel expert in the great depths of the ocean of my feelings, I live a new experience.
  • I navigate in the depths of the discovery of my deep self.
  • I see wonderful golden fish called bright qualities, and dark, aggressive monsters called defects.
  • I wisely analyze the water of my feelings and discover a diet that can develop love and tolerance.
  • From today I will distribute this heavenly food in profusion, to purify the sea of ​​my emotions and to be able to do the miraculous fishing of the disciples of Christ, always alive in the heart.

Damabiah Psalm 89:13 Convertere, Domine, et usque quo? Et deprecabilis esto super servos tuos

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