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Damabiah Guardian Angel Born February 10 to 14

Damabiah in Traditional Text is indicated as the source of all wisdom that transmits to the person a continuous flow, which becomes love and expresses itself outward in the form of goodness. Combats spells, curses and slander. If he acts as a Guardian he constantly transforms evil into good, protecting his client from any wickedness or negativity. his enemies will fight against an invisible protective wall. Give wealth and success in the activities related to water (springs, rivers, seas) and feelings. Damabiah has a sort of cathode ray tube capable of capturing, in the area surrounding the people under his protection, everything that is similar to their mental structure, and to make it available to the person himself.

Consequently, when the angel is active (because he is guardian or invoked), the subject will feel happy in a group of friends, where he will work serene, in a partnership characterized by serene conviviality. Team work will lead to very positive results. A problem can arise if the person searches for a deliberate purpose of individual experiences, but at the same time is forced to work within a community, in which case the outcome will be less brilliant, since an apparently similar influence will become operative. , but in reality diametrically opposite (that exercised by the Angel of the Abyss). The person will be led to meditate on the meaning of things and events and therefore to professions such as the teacher, the philosopher, the inventor.

Anyone born under this influence will have a considerable fortune and will stand out in the midst of living for useful discoveries. He thinks that he can only improve himself in life by experiencing totality. You can be called an adventurer by living life profoundly. In this way, you will obtain the grace of your guardian angel in your own way. Generous, noble, possessed of a very high spirit, he will have a great chance of success. He loves mystical and esoteric subjects; with your positive thinking, will be able to break any kind of spell, fat eye or envy. You will have financial help for your research, which will become historical, or for major events.

It will always be changing city, without even scheduling in advance, letting things happen by surprise. It will be a person of the world, who will understand the correct way of not expending energy, showing that through the eternal search for knowledge we overcome misfortunes. Always respected, he has a legion of fans, to whom he influences positively with his experience, narrating his life trajectory, which is generally successful. You will always be embarrassed by sentimental cases. He loves freedom and does not support prison-like relationships. True to his ideals, he will never make anyone suffer for selfishness or try to take advantage of a helpless person.

Damabiah Prayer – Psalm 89:13 Convertere, Domine, et usque quo? Et deprecabilis esto super servos tuos

Damabiah energies unfolds on the dates of your birthday and on the other 5 days given by Tradition.
March 13th
May 26th
August 9th
October 21st
January 1st
He rules every day from 9.20pm to 9.40pm


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