Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel urges to become careful judges of themselves and the world. To exercise all the mercy, the compassion and trust necessary to develop one’s talents. With his help he invites you to draw the best from yourself from others and from the circumstances, in everyone’s interest. Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel qualities are concreteness of synthesis and analysis. Depth of reasoning and simplicity of expression, love for beauty and art.

Daniel Angel 50 grants the gifts of eloquence and song, a magnetic personality capable of consoling and helping others. The people born in the days of Daniel Angel are in fact good reflective counselors, bearers of harmony and justice. Give protection from attackers. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to the divine works of Daniel represents pessimism and resentment. It causes intransigence, excessive severity, accusation, informing, fraud. Inspires you to live by illicit means.

Daniel Meditation – Enough is never enough

According to the Kabbalah, in fact, this Name offers an effective meditative tool to become aware of its own value and also what are the things that we really need and for which we must commit ourselves. Understanding that he deserves more, helps us understand if we are accepting compromises in our lives that end up mortifying us. Sometimes we are satisfied, ending up underestimating ourselves and giving up on aspiring to a real realization.

Now concentrating your vision on the meaning of the name Daniel without thinking of anything else breathes leaving you permeate deeply and for a long time from its meaning recites this prayer: for the energy of this Name I ask for help in identifying the true objectives for my happiness. My eyes and my heart remain focused all the time on the final goal. Awakening perseverance and passion, the determination

to never be satisfied, but never, at the very least.

Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel Energies

Love – A new love will suddenly manifest itself with noise and this will amaze many people. A collective force will be a force of nature. Being loved by a community, by the whole neighborhood, by a village, this great love will arouse jealousies in those who reign over your heart

Money – Excellent prospects but cannot find immediate realization. Some obstacles are still present and you can only do preparatory work in view of very important gains in the future. Wait and save

Health – Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel protects the joints. Recovery of the soul form to positively resolve the antagonisms around itself. Understanding above all about unimportant things, articulating what is different

Career – Many of your inner values ​​have matured. Now they have reached the fullness, this makes you a natural leader, with authority over your collaborators. You will get everything you want, but without using force, without arrogance, always with elegance. Your work will be appreciated by entire communities

Esoteric Initiation – You are destined to open the doors that lead to guardian angels, to divine omnipotence. The angel Daniel will infuse within you the necessary light if you invoke it before falling asleep, or before your many artistic or craft love fantasies.

Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel is the Birth Angel from November 28 to December 2. Other days led by Daniel Angel are:
May 10
July 24
October 6
December 17
February 26
Every day from 4.20pm to 4.40pm

Fire Element
Zodiac position from the 6th to the 10th degree of the Sagittarius sign

Through prayer to Daniel 50th Kabbalah Angel it is possible to obtain: eloquence, business acumen, rapid career in the profession of Judge, marked inclination for literature and philosophy.


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