Daniel Guardian Angel Born 28 November 2 December

Daniel Guardian Angel known as the Angel of Eloquence and Persuasion is in charge of stimulating our sentimental and emotional activities, giving respectively to those born in these days.
May 10 – fecundity
July 24 – association
October 6 – undertake
December 17 – consideration
February 26 – adventure

Daniel, as Guardian Angel of the Missions – passing through the 20 minutes of the Birth – is in charge of stimulating our thoughts and mental activities by giving those born from 04.20 pm to 04.40 pm – eloquence, charm, humanity.

The Angel Daniel, with the energies of Saturn and the Venusian energies of the Archangel Haniel, is the symbol of concreteness and the ability to synthesize and analyze with a strong desire for truth.

Daniel Angel of Eloquence and Persuasion

He understood it as the ability to analyze one’s own and others’ actions and behaviors, evaluating the consequences and with the right sensitivity. To ensure that the person stands up and is motivated to understand their shadows, knowing that it is the only way to return people to themselves.

Each of Us enjoys Free Will so that the gift is accepted or not even considered. Developing all the attitudes carried by our three birth Angels is rare and in any case, it will be the character and the vicissitudes of life to choose with us. Through the Gift, the Guardian Angel gives all of himself.

In summary, the prodigious activity of the Guardian Angel Daniel influences with his essence, his virtues and powers, all his protégés and anyone who asks for support, in the days and minutes of his presence

  • Great ability to communicate and inspire others
  • Ability to express things in a beautiful and pleasant way, to speak artfully so as not to hurt anyone
  • Speech that softens the rigor of a truth
  • Goodness, beauty, harmony

Daniel Angel cancels the flaws of his shadow Angel he represents:

  • Problems related to communication
  • Eloquence aimed at obtaining personal benefits
  • Fascinating, deceptive
  • Speak well to deceive the gullible, the naive
  • Selfishness and ego problems
  • Shady deals, intrigues

Daniel PrayerPsalm 103 verse 8

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