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Daniel Guardian Angel Born November 28 to Dec 2

Daniel Guardian Angel stimulates for leadership. For his power the will be led to direct, he will enjoy high rank and functions. Daniel assures the sympathy of the leaders. As a result, of his will not struggle to find employment or access positions of considerable responsibility. All that the ality Daniel will be able to achieve will be characterized by an extraordinary, sensational, glowing . If his profession is an architect, he will design constructions of conspicuous , rich in singular details, which will distinguish them by placing them at a level decidedly superior to that of utilitarian building. In fact, under the of this angel have great finesse of behavior, discernment and a sense of justice, and thanks to their eloquence they are also the best possible defenders.

It can be said that they are born judges or lawyers, even if they do not practice these professions. Daniel is especially prayed for legal matters. But although it is indicated as the angel that serves to obtain God’s mercy and dominates justice, lawyers, prosecutors and all magistrates, its most important function is in everyday life, and is to inspire in a positive way, those who, having to make an important decision, uncertain. On the existential level, Daniel leads to detachment from matter to perceive the truth in its essence; but relying on his help also leads people to develop the innate gift of a strong sixth sense for business.

Whoever is born under this divine will be hardworking and will perform all his activities with much . You will realize that your intuition can be genius when you are invited to debates or even when you are among friends. You will have luck and protection against disease. Determined, you do not like anything that is not clear and well explained. Patient to the extreme, will be able to support almost everything of the people, but does not accept to be unjustly reproached, being able to be hard and aggressive if the is not right. Think before you act and do not like to threatened; do not waste your dreams on impossible fantasies. Motivating and fair, he will be a public , able to handle any subject.

He will discover the reason for many social problems and convince society that his proposals are satisfactory for success. In childhood you may have had problems in showing affection with parents, so it will be common to see him parenting their children, probably to compensate for this lack. He will work with more gentleness, balance and affection when he finds an environment similar to his home. Some facts of adolescence may mark your life, giving you full certainty that your guardian angel is always present protecting you and guarding you, for it is through your intelligence that your inner binds to your astral world.

Psalm 103:8 Miserator et misericors Dominus, longanimis et multae misericordie


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