Dominions Angels defend souls from discouragement

Dominions Angels are the Powers that establish the boundaries within which the created element can act. In full compliance with the laws previously established by the Cherubim Angels. If the new creation respects these boundaries by interacting harmoniously with gratitude and sharing, they will instill trust, perception of abundance, and profound joy.

Otherwise, if ingratitude and inability to recognize the gifts received emerge, they still come to the rescue. Helping the person understand that all things are in abundance. And if we think we are missing something, we ourselves are blind in not seeing or unable to accept because we are closed and blinded by distrust.

Since they are vested with the supreme authority of their Master (Dominus), the angels of the fourth choir are called Dominions, Lordships or Dominations. They live to serve and love their Master and Lord. Their eternal desire is to resemble him as perfectly as possible to follow him and imitate him in everything. This resemblance to which they stick free from the temptation of supremacy and also from servility.

To the lower choirs, they transmit the need to imitate God in order to be better united to him. They place under their watchful orders all the spirits that are inferior to them, but these orders that they execute are not given to them directly by God. These angels are in fact subjected to the angels of the first order. They obey them freely knowing that they obey God by listening to his assistants.

Dominions Angels aspire to build the kingdom of God on this earth and operate with all their power. Thus they are sometimes invoked for the conversion of heretics, sinners and infidels. They support missionaries and defend souls against relaxation and discouragement. According to Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite these Angels occupy the first place in the second angelic hierarchy.

An expert in angelology describes them in the following terms (The angels of the Domination choir have a white dress, adorned with precious stones. They carry on their chests a shield on which the name of God is written. Their right-hand holds a scepter. Their face shines like the splendor of the sun and the splendor of their crown is blinding).

She attributes to them the mission of cooperating in the extension of the kingdom of God on earth by assisting men – priests, teachers, missionaries – who work apostolically. An expert in angelology textually writes about it (The sixth angelic choir is that of the Dominations. God assigns them to those who must teach from a university chair, from the pulpit or in the confessional (in the case of spiritual guides), to missionaries and all those who want to extend the kingdom of God on earth.

The superiors of convents and seminaries also receive the protection of these angels, on condition that they show them devotion and give glory to the name of God. We must pray to them for the extension of the kingdom of God on earth, for the conversion of all heretics and unbelievers, for the doubters. They come to help the souls who invoke them in despair, but unfortunately, they are not often thought of, despite the fact that they make great efforts to extend the kingdom of God.

This post was published on August 6, 2020 10:02 pm