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Dominions Angels Choir in Angelic Hierarchy

Dominions Angels belong to the high heavenly nobility, according to traditional writings they are strong and dominant angels. The mission of these Guardian Angels is to fulfill the will of God, so they have the gift of governing the universe. Dominions Angels are sent by God for the most important missions and are invoked by us humans for emergencies or conflicts that must be resolved immediately. The rulers are the rulers of all angelic groups beyond them. Dominions are responsible for making decisions about what needs to be done to fulfill the divine will including daily tasks.

Although they are below the Cherubs in the Angelic Hierarchy and receive orders of this rank, the Dominions Angels exert influence over all angels, including those closest to God. They are called the army of heaven by St. Gregory, who wrote (Some ranks of the angelic army they are called Dominions, because the rest is subjected that is obedient to him). These angels rarely come into direct contact with people, but are closely linked to our reality.

Tsadkiel prince of Dominions Angels

The prince of this angelic hierarchy is Tsadkiel, an archangel who helps in emergencies, has a high incentive power and helps people achieve their goals. His encouragement does not leave people discouraged, he brings inspiration and strength to all sorts of problems.

There are 8 Dominions Angels – Nith-Haiah, Haaiah, Ierathel, Sehelah, Reyel, Omael, Lecabel and Vasariah. Each of them protects people who have characteristics in common. The people ruled by Dominions Angels are considered extremely independent and can be called rebels. They have difficulty accepting criticism but have a very high spiritual level. These are adventurous people who like to take risks, live intensely, love to travel and any activity that involves moving. They have difficulties in family involvement, the feeling (I was born in a wrong family) is recurrent in these people, which can make them overly candid or aggressive. They are very determined people want winning beings in life and fight for it.


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