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Elemiah Guardian Angel Born April 5 to 9

Elemiah grants useful and exciting trips by sea, success in business and in industrial activities. Its energy ensures success in any professional activity and obtaining positions of responsibility and command. It also favors the reconciliation of old opponents. Elemiah Guardian Angel has the task of enlightening and promoting the integration of our feelings to our higher aspirations. Therefore guide to harmoniously associate feelings and spirituality. Of course, provided that their prayers are raised to him.

Elemiah reveals how to integrate the element Water with the Fire element, indicating the best ways to conquer the most difficult balances. Thanks to his influence, the loved ones will teach us precious things. It grants the person the power of reparation; the restoration of the rhythms and the rules of operation of everything and also the obtaining of wealth. It is therefore invoked to avoid excesses, and to end a difficult period to start a new happier course.

Elemiah Guardian Angel Invoked when the spirit is tormented or a reconsideration of acts is necessary. This Angel dominates the trips, the maritime expeditions or even the psychological ones, that is, the esoterism like source of knowledge and resolution of psychological problems. Influences useful discoveries and helps to know the traitors. Lets unmask traitors. It will help eliminate negative thoughts. Influences the discoveries useful and helps to know the traitors. It opens people’s minds to ideas and new proposals.

Whoever is born under this influence has the divine potentiality and so will, from a very early age, discover his true gift. He loves to open people’s minds with new ideas and proposals. Sometimes it gets sad, because even the people who want well, envy their good fortune. Inwardly he feels a strong propensity to help people, especially those most in need, and may often refuse to give alms, but he will never refuse a request for work. It has strong potential in the hands of healing. He is always working on several projects at the same time. Endowed with great luck and charisma, he is always considered the best in what he does.

The intuition that it possesses allows the functioning of its attitudes towards the world that lives. You have a strong feeling when something is going to happen. From his unconscious, there are explanations for the problems that pass in this life, without the need to look for anyone to solve them. You will discover within the fundamental philosophies, your lifestyle. It would be interesting if he knew his family tree, for he could perhaps find a distant relative, whose achievements were recorded historically. He is predisposed to remake his life knowing primitive societies, because he probably likes archeology, anthropology and etymology.

Elemiah is the fourth Breath of God, and fourth angelic ray in the Neptunian Choir of the Seraphim Angels led by the Archangel Metatron, in which he governs the energies of Mars. Its element is Fire; has a Zodiacal House from the 15th to the 20th degree of Aries and is the Guardian Angel of people born from 5th to 9th April.

Elemiah Prayer Psalm 6:5 Convertere, Domine, et eripe animam meam; salvum me fac propter misericordiam tuam


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