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Emotional energy controls our mood

Emotional energy controls our mood, as we accumulate tiredness and fatigue we begin to feel even a little depressed. We have problems that didn’t exist before, time passes more slowly and a simple comment can change us in an unexpected and unfair way. Without properly controlling and guiding our energy and tension, we could lose our ability to stay alert and personal sporting or working performance would decrease.

This energy and tension we are talking about is the feeling of the mood, so influential in everything we do. Robert E. Thayer, a professor of psychology at California State University, has identified four basic states of energy and tension that can alter or promote our emotional state.

Tense energy
High emotional tension and high energy. Pleasant feeling of activation and power. The subject is activated at very high levels. With the influence of tense energy, the person tends to strive to achieve his goals, but without pausing to reflect. A compressor roller which, if persisted over time, will only achieve total exhaustion.

Quiet energy
Low emotional tension and high energy. Serenity and tranquility, in addition to the feeling of a certain self-control. There is no tension, but a state of vigilance, optimism and well-being. Therefore, under the influence of this type of energy, creativity and vitality increase.

Tense fatigue
High emotional tension and low energy. Physical and mental fatigue. It is accompanied by nervousness, anxiety and, very often, causes states of low self-esteem.

Quiet tiredness
Low emotional tension and low energy. Pleasant state of rest. Our function will be to identify the type of energy that we manifest at all times, trying to enhance the states of calm energy and calm tiredness, minimizing the moments of tense energy and tiredness. In this way, we will improve our performance and well-being, become more competent and carry out our duties adequately.


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