Emotions are lived, they are not controlled

Controlling emotions by dividing them into good or bad means making war on oneself. If you look at them in silence, the emotions will give you everything you need. Don’t judge the emotions you feel
no one actually asked you to let yourself go. Don’t make judgments about yourself. If you have preconceived ideas, trigger mental actions that hinder your happiness. If you learn to experience emotions as they are, unexpected things can happen.

Close your eyes and choose an episode from your recent life when you felt helpless … Imagine this situation without connecting it to the cause: it’s just you and impotence. In perceiving that you cannot make it, you enter a mental state that produces events that are different from the usual. The less you oppose this kind of emotions, the more it improves the relationship with your inner self.

Emotions are not born from thought

Many people unfortunately persist in trying to manage their lives and are ill. There is a big difference between managing and gestation. Whoever wants to manage his own life gets bogged down. Those who rely on gestation, on the other hand, know the liberating force of joy. Those who have experienced motherhood know this well … life that you carry inside does not depend on you. Spontaneous and therapeutic actions do not depend on you. You didn’t transform yourself from a cell into what you are. Gestation occurs now and is not linked to thought. Something is doing you now. You don’t know how and you don’t have to know it.

The secret of happiness is surrender

Let’s think about flowering, suddenly a flower opens and here is the perfume. The plant does not object, it surrenders to something that does not know what it is. The same is for us: we need a conscious surrender to emotions, whatever they are. I surrender to something I don’t know what it is. But how do you realize you’re flourishing? When something is easy for you. There are actions that belong to us and unfortunately we often ignore them. But happiness comes from minimal actions. If you are immersed in what you are doing, from time to time, you move on to the creative side of the mind and leave the prison of thought and the superb belief that you can control your emotions.

This post was published on August 12, 2019 12:22 pm