Envy Prayer against envious people

Envy Prayer – Lord, my beloved God, you know how my heart fills with fear, sadness, and pain when I discover that they envy me and that others wish to harm me.

But I trust in you, my God, you who are infinitely more powerful than any human being. I want to put everything in your hands, my work, my whole life, all my loved ones.

I entrust everything to you so that the envious cannot cause me any harm. And touch my heart with your grace so that it may know your peace. Because in fact, I trust in You, with all my soul.

Envy Prayer – God heals their hearts from envy

My God, look at those who want to hurt me or disrespect me because they are envious of me.
Show him the uselessness of envy.
Touch their heart so that they look at me with good eyes.

He heals their hearts from envy, from their deepest wounds, and blesses them so that they are happy and no longer need to envy me.
I trust in you, Lord.

Envy Prayer – Jesus deliver us from the poison of envy

At this moment when I find myself praying in your arms, Jesus, I ask you for the grace to be free from the poison that is envy, brought into the world by Satan.

Lord, I ask you to come to the aid of my weaknesses and frailties. With all my heart, Lord, I offer you all the moments in which I have experienced the feeling of envy, towards friendships or material goods.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to come into my heart and into my life, freeing me from the roots of envy. Come, Holy Spirit of God, give me a pure and simple heart, which rejoices in what I am and what I have.

Come, Holy Spirit, to open my eyes to see the riches I possess. Come, Holy Spirit of God, to arm me with Your power to protect me from the envious, who want to endanger me and my family.
I renounce all envy in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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