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Eyael Guardian Angel Born February 20 to 24

Eyael Guardian Angel dominates every transformation process: changes, mutations, metamorphoses, in events, in personalities, in nature. It gives love for solitude, wisdom and superior inspiration, besides particular artistic talents, species related to painting and music, and also aptitude for cooking, or to the transformation of food. Eyael inspires the study of high sciences and universal history. With regard to our evolution, knowing how to transform ourselves means first of all discovering what is most anxious or upsetting in us, understanding it and accepting it. With the acceptance there is the beginning of the transformation; through the impulse of Eyael, all our weaknesses can be transformed into our best strength; our energy expands and our action positively transforms the world. Eyael Angel has the task of externalizing in complete terms the feelings through which the individual will pass everything.

The sentimental life will be greatly stimulated, and the action of the angel will also be manifested through a large number of love affairs. These will generally be of short duration, but since the protégés of Eyael carry the Divine Message in themselves, the episodes that through them lead to a change will be linked to circumstances to be read in a clearly favorable way. Through their loves, therefore, people protected by this guardian angel change the world by stopping stagnant situations, stimulating new energies and promoting love for positive causes. According to the Tradition, Eyael gives long life both to human beings and to monuments, which it preserves in the best possible condition so that wisdom is handed down from generation to generation; his field of influence also extends to all esoteric, philosophical and spiritual studies.

Whoever is born under this influence will be enlightened by the spirit of God, solid in undertakings, prominent in the studies and researches of the high esoteric sciences, especially Kaballah and astrology. Influential, trustworthy, does not approve of duplicity of opinion or dishonesty. It will turn all dreams and projects into achievements, since nothing goes beyond the limits of their possibilities. Averse to futility, you will always be well with yourself. He is not self-seeking and only likes demonstrations of affection when he realizes that they are absolutely sincere. His novels will be affectionate, for they will develop without problems or pressures. Dedicates great attention to family. It never leaves an unfinished task to another person, thus achieving all goals with deserved success. Your health will be favored, for you will never commit excesses, understanding that your body is the temple of your soul. Your rearguard will be well protected against instability or incomprehension of your deeds. You can go forward with confidence, your guardian angel will always be by your side.

Eyael PrayerPsalm 36:4 Delectare in Domino, et dabit tibi petitiones cordis tui


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