Eye reveals the secret details of your subconscious

The eye is the mirror of the soul, we have all heard this statement. What you see in the eyes of others reveals a secret about your subconscious mind and says a lot about who you are as a person. The function of our eyes is to observe the world. This is filtered through the unconscious, which stores and retrieves the collected data. By the time he reaches consciousness, all the data has already been filtered.

In the image below, choose the eye that strikes you most instantly. The eye you will choose is what your subconscious has chosen for you before your conscious awareness can start working.

Eye is the mirror of our soul

Spiritual hunger
Feel hungry for spiritual nourishment for a connection with the universe that is attempting to embark on new experiences and make you embark on new adventures. You must learn to let go of the past as you move on with life. Make sure to follow this connection.

You have been here before
Like a spiritual encyclopedia, your previous incarnations have prepared you as a library of knowledge. Your job is to spread this knowledge wherever you go and you will be able to shine in your life as well as in other people’s lives.

The healer
Your aura shines, the more you can embrace it, the greater the chances of increasing your vibration. This innate light will heal people, so use it. Don’t hesitate to share your healing powers.

The philosopher
You can penetrate into the heart of things and your mind is always full of new projects and ideas. While you probably feel lost every now and then, you are walking the path that has been chosen for you. Trust your instincts and keep going on your spiritual journey.

The magician
You are rather mysterious and you hide a lot of information from people. This is probably what makes you more attractive, an essential part of your life. You are so don’t let someone tell you otherwise.

The old soul
You have been here several times before and have seen things come and go. So it’s no wonder you don’t see the same things as others. You are not sure of this purpose and you are probably less sure of yourself, but you have to work diligently and in the end, you will find your way.

The night owl
You are a real night owl and the darkness makes you feel at home. Shadows are your best friend, both in the morning hours of the cave. You are the type of person who only reveals what others want to hear and see. Don’t change, you’re on the right track.

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