Faith is the dowry of the soul that surpasses the mind

Faith moves mountains because it is a gift that God gives to our soul allowing it to overcome its dominion! Very important in the life of each of us is to love the holy will of God, as it always represents his love in all its implications.

We must love it especially when we realize that after some of our requests, it apparently does not correspond to the same.
We, therefore, believe that everything we ask with full and pure faith, in complete abandonment to God, he grants it to us.

When it seems that he is not responding, because what is requested is not fulfilled in the way we would like or in the desired times, we must have the strength to believe that instead, he is preparing the ground to give, as always, his positive and coherent response to his will of perfect love.

The latter turns out to be the absolute best thing that can happen in our lives, for a complete good (concerning our whole being, privileging the eternal aspect) since it is the maximum good for us and for others who there are around.

This explains why many times some requests seem to have no answer your times are not yet ripe or what is requested is not consistent with your will.

So, in such cases, what we have to ask him is to always be able to receive the grace of his light to understand this, to be patient and to reformulate all those requests that in the light of his suggestions were not good for us, to obtain what is instead more just for our life, growth, and salvation.

Faith is given by our belief that he is always available, under his infinite mercy as a father, to our requests and that he is always attentive to our needs and always ready to explain to us the meaning of his responses when they do not correspond to our requests. , with inspirations and intuitions.

This through the path of union-communion that we maintain through our confidential conversation of love with him.

Of course, faith is put to the test in difficult moments, then when we feel reassured, we can better understand their meaning and the importance of not giving up in believing that he did not abandon us during them, but he worked silently to make sure to come out of it with the greatest gain of good and inner growth.

This post was published on June 7, 2020 11:19 am