Fertility Prayer to Cahetel Angel of Fertility

Fertility Prayer to Cahetel Angel of Fertility and Prosperity, through prayer it is possible to achieve success in everything related to agriculture and its derivatives. Cahetel Angel administers the energies of the Moon, consequently, although his element is Earth, he is also an Angel of the Waters.

Fertility energy that he grants fertilizes, expands, and advances all that one undertakes. Through prayer, people can be successful in everything related to soil fertility, animal fertility, human fertility. They can also be successful in all professions related to water and navigation, trade, and everything that comes from these areas.

Cahetel is also the angel of the House and favors everything related to the family and its improvement. He also gives extreme clarity to emotions, the causes of our feelings, their origins, their potential. Consequently, and by analogy, this Angel is the one who allows us to discover the true feelings that animate the people close to us, as well as to interpret authentic emotions.

From the spiritual point of view, Cahetel Angel induces in man a sense of deep gratitude towards the Creator for the natural riches present on Earth. He gives a highly practical mindset, inclined to business and work, and success in any type of activity that produces sustenance for humanity, the power to ward off evil spirits and negative energies.

The prayer specifically addressed to Cahetel is the 6th verse of Psalm 94 – (Venite, Adoremus et procidamus et Genua flectamus ante Domino, qui fecit nos).

Fertility Prayer – Best Days to Summon Cahetel

People born April 26-30, directly influenced by the energies of their guardian angel Cahetel, can achieve results at any time.

Others can get the gift of prosperity during these days
March 28 – June 10 – August 25 – November 5 – January 16
Best time from 2.20 am to 2.40 am

Prosperity prayer to the Angels

Glorious angels of God who are at our service for our well-being. I love you and I praise you, I thank you for all the gifts you give me with love.

I know that the gifts of prosperity I receive from you serve me to improve my present and my future. Prosperity angels, blessed by God, answer my plea.

Open the doors to the abundance of wealth, success, and prosperity.
Remove misery from me and let my path be full of opportunities, that happiness can knock on my door.

That success in my work is constant, my efforts can always be rewarded and that life is a blessing. Prosperity angels, you are the joy of my life and with your help and protection, I will be safe from all evil.

May I be blessed and praised now and forever?
Fill my life with happiness, peace, and quiet.
And a bright future can open up before me.
That’s all.
So be it.
This is done.

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