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First Angelic Hierarchy, Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones

First angelic Choir in the First Angelic Hierarchy directly executes orders from Keter (Metatron Archangel) Seraphim Angels guard the people born from March 21st to April 30th. The Angelic Choir of the Seraphim deals with everything that concerns the Will in the Physical World as well as in the world of Desire. Seraphim Angels endeavor to keep the reservoirs of the Will filled so that all those who wish may draw upon them.

First Angelic Hierarchy Seraphim Angels

Angel 1. Vehuiah from 21 to 25 March Uranus-Aries-Fire
Angel 2. Jeliel from 26 to 30 March Saturn-Aries-Fire
Angel 3. Sitael from 31 March to 04 April Jupiter-Aries-Fire
Angel 4. Elemiah from 05 to 09 April Mars-Aries-Fire
Angel 5. Mahasiah from 10 to 14 April Sun-Aries-Fire
Angel 6. Lelahel from 15 to 20 April Venus-Aries-Fire
Angel 7. Achaiah from 21 to 25 April Mercury-Taurus-Earth
Angel 8. Cahetel from 26 to 30 April Moon-Taurus-Earth

The second Angelic Choir in the First Angelic Hierarchy performs the orders of Hokhmah (Archangel Ratziel and Jophiel) Cherub Angels guard the people born from 01 May to 10 June. The Cherub Angels are charged with making sure that providence is always ready to bring to perfection what the will has begun, thanks to the universal medicine of love

First Angelic Hierarchy Cherubim Angels

Angel 9. Haziel from 01 to 05 May Uranus-Taurus-Earth
Angel 10. Aladiah from 6 to 10 May Saturn-Taurus-Earth
Angel 11. Lauviah from 11 to 15 May Jupiter-Taurus-Earth
Angel 12. Hahaiah May 16 to 20 Mars-Taurus-Earth
Angel 13. Yezalel from 21 to 25 May Sun-Gemini-Air
Angel 14. Mebahel May 26 to 31 Venus-Gemini-Air
Angel 15. Hariel from 01 to 05 June Mercury-Gemini-Air
Angel 16. Hekamiah from 06 to 10 June Moon-Gemini-Air

The third Angelic Choir in the First Angelic Hierarchy is under Binah’s orders (Archangel Binael, Tzaphkiel or Cassiel) Throne Angels guard the people born between June 11 and July 22. The Throne Angels have the mission to establish and concretize what the Will and Providence have put into motion towards perfection.

First Angelic Hierarchy Thrones Angels

Angel 17. Lauviah from June 11th to 15th Uranus-Gemini-Air
Angel 18. Caliel from 16 to 21 June Saturn-Gemini-Air
Angel 19. Leuviah from June 22nd to 26th Jupiter-Cancer-Water
Angel 20. Pahaliah from June 27th to July 1st Mars-Cancer-Water
Angel 21. Nelchael from 02 to 06 July Sun-Cancer-Water
Angel 22. Yeiayel from 07 to 11 July Venus-Cancer-Water
Angel 23. Melahel from 12 to 16 July Mercury-Cancer-Water
Angel 24. Haheuiah from 17 to 22 July Moon-Cancer-Water


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