Freedom shakes our timid certainties

Freedom spreads in open, clean spaces, where everyone is. This morning the sea was moving, more than usual. As a precaution I didn’t stray too far from the coast for my usual swim, I remained to let myself be pushed by the waves without making too much effort, giving only occasionally a viratina against the current. The sea is beautiful. It regenerates itself at every moment, changes color from one moment to another, it is never the same and yet it is always infinite in its beauty, on the border between the earth and the sky, an immensity of water in which you can mirror the Life in a myriad of nuances. Dark or very clear, spread like a silk cloth to taste the bliss of its calm and the transparency of light reflections on the seabed, or bursting and fearsome, bubbly and thunderous, as in certain stormy days: the sea always surprises you and makes you understand the power of the game.

This morning the sea was in the mood for conversation. The waves alternated and followed each other like the thoughts and phrases of a speech and I, enchanted by the ardor of the story, I enjoyed that wonder, imagining that the sea was narrating the freedom and joy of being free, of the happiness of having fun and to move with the wind. I cannot translate his call towards distant shores and I cannot communicate the firmness of his voice, but the impression received was strong, so much so that after a few hours he comes back to my mind and suggests that I dedicate a little more attention to it .

Among the fears that prevent us from fully living

our existence is that of feeling free. Freedom scares. We generally think that a little bit of freedom can go well, but that too much is dangerous for ourselves and for others: better to be careful not to expose ourselves to the risks of the responsibility that it entails. The power of freedom can even terrify us and the unlimited fullness of its gifts shakes our timid certainties: but the fear of freedom also makes us lose the sense of our history, prevents us from coming out of hiding places in which we would like to foolishly hold onto our Life in terror that escapes us. Freedom does not love narrow spaces and ignorance suffocates it. Freedom spreads in open, clean spaces, where everyone is. Otherwise he dies and Life goes out.

True freedom,

the one that blooms when you participate in the Game of Life without hindering it in any way, when you stop running after your illusions and you finish it with your pretensions, when you don’t care to be mocked or even applauded, when you recognize each person’s right to be himself as he is, right where he is, well, this freedom is a real achievement and passes from a great respect and a long experience, often tortuous and tiring, sometimes even suffered , but incredibly beautiful. And perhaps, when you begin to realize that talking as a free person can be better than being silent, afraid, or that remaining consciously in silence is a greater freedom than the waste of words, then you can enjoy your humanity and feel free to play it in larger spaces, on the border between earth and sky, just like the sea.

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