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Gabriel Archangel Prince of the Angels

Gabriel Archangel power of fertility and procreation. His Name means God’s strength; God’s word, the work of God. Gabriel represents the Holy Spirit (Luke 1: 35), but also the second Person of the Trinity because the Son is the Power of the Father. Gabriel is the Invincible angel of God, who says of himself: I am Gabriel, in the Presence of God I am (Luke 1: 19). This is the Archangel of regeneration and of our unconscious; he presides over the sphere of Yesod-Moon whose main task is to assign life to the individual; in fact it is he who assists the man in the nine months of gestation. The archangel Gabriel and his angels are precisely those closest to us when we refer to the material world, deal with fertilization and crystallization, and treat essentially the existential circle birth life death.

Gabriel gives mercy, truth and independence. It helps to change bad habits, strengthens the purity of feelings. Eliminate rethinking and activate memory. It concentrates the impulses coming from the Sephors that precede it, of all the other Archangels, to convert them into images within humans. Subsequently it redistributes the energy elaborated by our experiences to the respective archangelic centers from which it promises. This is why the Moon represents the subconscious for man and centralizes everything that our personality has elaborated in the arc of its Lives. In other words, it is the receptacle of our personal experience. These impulses are integrated into the human organism thanks to particular receptive centers.

The 8 Angels in command of this Archangel live in the astral world as their natural world

and act on the ethereal world; the Archangels live the Mental World as their natural world but act on the Astral World. The Choir of Angels stimulates sensory activity, imagination and the realization of ideas. So these angelic energies are invoked to have a more harmonious relationship with the outer world; to help develop the imaginary, to harmonize the senses, to realize work and ideas. Myriads of Angels operate under their directives. The activity of these lunar angels is a continuous transmission of energies: downwards, as regards the vital energy, and upwards as far as our experiences are concerned.

The Energy Sphere of the Moon thus plays the function of a sort of (cosmic television), as the Archangel Gabriel concentrates in it the totality of the drives

coming from all the other energy-emitting Centers to convert them into inner images. As the moon is defined by reflected light, so the Ethereal World is defined as the reflection of the Higher Worlds (or World of Ideas). The Ethereal World unites us with the Higher Worlds with a continuous flow of cosmic currents, the seven currents of the Astral and Mental Worlds.

The distribution of the energy dispensed by the Archangel Gabriel and his Angels is borne by the 28 lunar angels, in order to modulate the emanation according to the intensity gradation of the New Moon, the Full Moon and the Quarters. Gabriel, Archangel of the Waters, of all Creations and Reproductions, and of creative Imagination, invites us to ask to enlighten the inner darkness and to awaken in himself the imagination and creative thought necessary to bring to completion his own projects.


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