God Money Prayer

God’s money prayer and to his infinite mercy. Before reading the prayer, dwell on some considerations. Some people say they love money and hate those who have it. Others envy those who have them. Many want money at all costs and then risk becoming like the people they hated, envied, or hated. How can their money go?

Remember that money amplifies who we are. If we are stupid, more money will make us even more stupid. If we are bad, money will amplify those feelings. The same goes for the positive. If we are generous we will become even more so, if we are good we will be even more so. If we are filled with Love, we could also give Love through money.

This is why it is important to grow in spirit and at the same time increase one’s perception of prosperity. A conscious person will never use the money to harm himself or others. Ensuring that it can flow to a greater extent in one’s life.

A person who increases his soul and at the same time increases his wealth. Can only do great good to himself and to the whole world. For this reason, it is important that You can finally increase your Love. Your real value, and your prosperity and wealth in life.

God Money Prayer

I advise you to read this prayer aloud, if your soul is sad and you are disheartened God knows.

I – deeply and firmly recognize that money is the energy of God in action. In the physical world and that God is who I Am. It is the source of any supply of wealth and money.

I – am convinced that the universe is abundant. And that my supply is always infinite and abundant and that it reaches me through an infinite number of channels. My supply is so abundant and I receive gifts and surprises from the universe.

I – live in the joy of a child always hoping for the best. It the beautiful, orderly, and perfect for me always in abundance. I – say your name – have the right to miracles.

I – say your name – always hope for miracles in my life.

A great improvement comes to me in the form of money here and now.

I – say your name – am rich and prosperous for every need in my life with abundant wealth. Infinite channels open up for me in the financial order here and now. Large sums of money come to me here and now for my well-being and that of all my loved ones.

The well-being of all humanity and all generations of all times. For which I raise my heart in praise and action and Thanks to my God the Father, Mother source of all my reserve. I see great financial well-being, success, and perfect health for me in the here and now.

I – claim my portion of the universe. Manifesting in the divine plan for me and affirm it, bless it, and thank it for it.

I – voluntarily with great generosity and deep joy share 10% of all the money that comes into my life. With loving beings and with those who nourish me spiritually and inspire me with their words and testimonies of life.

God Money Prayer – this part is repeated 4 times

Here and now I – say your name – open my mind to the prosperity. This is mine by right to receive all the abundance the universe has for me here and now.

Thank you my God for the Father, Mother for whom I – say your name – am my source of prosperity for your unconditional love, your peace, your joy, and your abundant life of well-being forever.

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