Good Luck Prayer for Money to St. Nicholas

Good Luck Prayer helps believers to resolve any issue and to attract success in any endeavor. Prayers to the Almighty for good luck are powerful, prayers for the remission of sins and luck are considered very strong and effective. After the sincere request the saints send luck, they influence the successful completion of business.

With a prayer for good luck read each day the petitioner receives strong support from God. An effective affirmation is a strong prayer for good luck. Affirmations are a type of prayer with which you can strengthen your confidence, your strengths, and thus attract good luck.

Good Luck Prayer to the Guardian Angel

In such situations described above, we often turn with a prayer to our Guardian Angel, in the hope of his help. Each word we pronounce has its own meaning, causes certain emotions in the speaker, but also transmits information to higher powers, thereby attracting or taking away luck from us.

It is very important to correctly and clearly express our wishes and thoughts aloud. Before reading a prayer to the Guardian Angel, make a clear mental statement about what kind of good you need. After all, our universe is full of benefits that at any time it is able to share with all who ask in faith.

Angel of God my holy guardian
you were given by the Lord to obey from heaven.
I ask you, please, enlighten and save me from all evil,
instruct me in every good deed and guide me on the path of good luck.

Good Luck Prayer to St. Nicholas

Oh, most holy Nicholas, the most excellent servant of the Lord, our warm intercessor and everywhere in pain emergency assistant.

Help me sinful and discouraged in this life, beg the Lord God to grant the forgiveness of all my sins.
I have sinned a lot since my youth, in my whole life, in deeds, in words, in thoughts and with all my senses.

In order to save my soul from damnation help me, plead with the Lord God and all creatures of heaven, save me from trials and eternal torment.

May he always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,
and your gracious intercession, now and forever, forever and ever. Amen.

Why does prayer help?

The power of prayer has long been known, but why does it actually help? Because the Lord communicates with his faithful from the moment of the creation of the world and all that he requires of man is faith. Faith in the Almighty of God, faith in the power of prayer, faith in the saints who appear before the throne of the Most High and ask for His mercy and his blessings.

If we pray without the right faith, this will upset the Lord and St. Nicholas will not be able to help us, since we yielded to false feelings, we will be insincere and insensitive.

Prayer to Heavenly Father

Lord, Heavenly Father. You know what I must do in order for me to bear many good fruits in your Kingdom and on this earth. I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ, to guide me in the right direction. Give me quick and effective learning to move forward.

Grant me your dreams, your desires, destroy dreams and desires that do not belong to you. Grant me wisdom, clarity, and understanding, which can move me in the direction of your will. Grant me the necessary knowledge, the necessary people. Allow me to be in the right place at the right time to do the right thing in order to bear many good fruits.

Psalm 39 verse 12
O Lord, hear my prayer,
listen to my cry;
do not be numb to my tears;
for I am a stranger to you,
a pilgrim, like all my fathers.

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