Guided meditation for freedom from bonds

Guided meditation, it is clear that we can never be truly happy as long as we are too attached to things or people. The fear of losing the love of a person or the possession of a material asset does not allow us to fully enjoy the gifts of life.

Whether it is material possessions, a profession, or a quality of our character, it is important to understand that it is okay to have something. As long as we have it very clear in mind that our happiness and our fulfillment do not depend on them.

The same goes for people. When we love a person, the fear of losing them and being alone often leads us to manipulate them emotionally with the consequence of creating non-constructive bonds. Unconditional love does not create bonds and leaves others completely free to be themselves.

Angels can help free us from bonds through guided meditation. In this guided meditation Michael the Archangel and the Angels of Healing will intervene.

First, sit or lie down comfortably and breathe deeply. With each breath, you enter a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and clear your mind of all thoughts.

Decide who or what you are ready to let go of and visualize it in front of you. Be aware of everything that binds you and the feelings you have.

Call Michael the Archangel next to you and let yourself be enveloped by his golden blue light. Ask the archangel Michael to cut, with his sword of truth and light, all the toxic bonds that bind you to that thing or person. All the while inhale and exhale deeply.

At the same time, you will be able to feel the presence of the Angels of Healing. They will surround you with their beautiful golden light to help you release this aspect of your life and transform it into light and love.

Continue to inhale and exhale deeply. At some point, you will feel within yourself that the whole process has ended. Before opening your eyes again, thank the archangel Michael and the angels for the healing.

You can repeat this guided meditation focusing on the same theme even for several days until you feel truly free from that bond or move on to another bond that you want to sever. Archangel Michael and the healing angels will be very happy to help you.

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