Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1

Haaiah is the energy that makes the judges well-disposed towards our cause and makes us win the process. An to be interpreted in a philosophical sense. All of us, who have causes to defend and ambitions to achieve, can look at this as the engine of our aspirations, the energy that will help us to sustain and realize them. People born under the divine influence of Haaiah, are right and upright, able to act positively in the Palaces of Justice, in the social and political field.

Wherever the of Justice and Truth is required; they will act in a correct way, respecting social and moral principles, and with their help they will be able to externalize this force. Haahiah infuses the sense of righteousness and the desire to build: as a result people will tend to operate in the world of politics, exercising their in diplomacy and in the elaboration of treaties and conventions; and may have particular to realize, and organize at its discretion, in absolute freedom, the social space within which their existence will take place.

The person can earn money and use it to improve social and personal life. It will produce wealth by easily establishing itself in the context of the companies that control the land and the building land, and will be able to construct buildings with the aim of spreading peace and wellbeing, such as charitable, philanthropic, health, hospital, educational and cultural institutions. Haaiah causes the executive to overcome legislative : it is the law of the strongest, the most intelligent. But be careful! The of its opposing can slide in the exact opposite direction to that indicated by the , and – instead of operating with balance for justice – lead to a daring use of .

Whoever is born under this is just, benevolent, loves solid affections, has appreciation for logical solutions, and is endowed with compassion and balance. He knows that earthly laws can and should be changed. It respects the laws of the Universe, for these can never be transgressed and consider the word destiny as synonymous with change and renewal. He works tirelessly in search of knowledge, to build his ideals. Likes to travel and adapts easily to the weather, people and language. Thanks to his outstanding and the beauty of his character, he will have access to the highest social and governmental spheres. Messenger of peace, he will be a conscious collaborator of divine providence, with a transcendental mission.

, Psalm 118:145 Clamavi in toto corde meo, exaudi me, Domine; iustificationes tuas servano

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