Haamiah 38th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Haamiah 38th Kabbalah Angel urges that pure water be born from infected waters, exalt the beauty and fight all corruption. Angel 38th qualities are great sweetness, compassion, altruism, diplomacy, courtesy, truth, transcendence, understanding of ceremonials, and love for religious rituals.

The angel of the abyss who opposes the actions of Haamiah Angel is called Ambolin. It represents economic hardship and lies. It inspires the materialistic and opportunistic view of things, instills falsehood in the mind and heart of man. It causes atheism, lack, and contempt of religious principles, ease of error, materialistic spirit, economic setbacks, poverty.

Haamiah 38th Kabbalah Angel Meditation – the circuit

The definition of a black hole – Cosmological phenomenon with a gravitational field so strong that even light cannot escape it. Something that looks like a black hole, in the sense that it is incessantly consuming a resource, such as an economic black hole.
According to Kabbalah, a meditation on this Name is precisely aimed at escaping the gravitational force, which blocks and damages on any plane, activating the circuit.

Now concentrate your vision on the Name Haamiah without thinking of anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. This name helps me to receive as I share and to share as I receive. I can see the opportunity that sharing gives me and I am aware that while I receive with the right conscience I am also sharing. This is the circuit of life, I connect to it and escape the black hole to enter the Light.

Haamiah 38th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – It is necessary to place one’s feelings so that each member of the family, each loved one, each friend takes their place without unhealthy interference. It is then that the whole family environment will block around them and love will reign supreme.

Money – Prosperity without equal, it should be profitable and socially useful work. They will be able to choose between keeping everything for their own personal profit or allocating a portion of the capital to the work envisaged by the angel.

Healing – Haamiah protects against diseases of the urogenital system. For spiritual healing, people must stop antagonisms around and within themselves. Within them the tendencies are opposed to each other, unification will be a source of salvation.

Career – The time for expansion and clarity has arrived, everything will progress, in the workplace. Very important personalities will offer responsibilities, and getting advancement and a pay raise will be easy.

Esoteric initiation – Material work in the service of spirituality. It is in the work that the light from the angel will penetrate their thoughts.

Haamiah Angel 38th is the Guardian Angel of people born between September 29th and October 3rd. Other days of his presence are April 28, July 12, September 24, December 5, February 14. The Angel is present every day from 12.20 pm. to 12.40 pm.

Haamiah Meaning – God hope of all children of the Earth – Haamiah Angel PrayerVerse 9 of Psalm 90

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