Habuhiah 68th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer


Habuhiah 68th Kabbalah Angel qualities are sweetness, protection from disease, and the ability to bring health and healing. Success in everything related to the environment and the agricultural world – fields, crops, forests, etc. Inner wealth, sociable and kind spirit, generosity, and wisdom. An abundance of crops – material and spiritual – love for everything connected with nature.

Cléraka is the name of the dark angel who contrasts the actions of the 68th angel on earth. It represents vain activities and regrets. It causes indecisiveness and confusion of feelings, famine, failures, sterility, and interrupted pregnancies, favors the spread of insects and diseases harmful to plants.

Habuhiah 68th Kabbalah Angel Meditation – making contact with the souls of my loved ones

According to Kabbalah, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for establishing contact with the souls of the people we have loved and who are no longer with us. The profound insight we must draw on is that by leaving this life the soul does not dissolve but ascends to higher levels of existence.

Which are of a greater reality than material existence itself. As if in the condition we call – the living – we were actually partly dead, as deeply dormant, while after a death we are fully alive.

But such ascension can be blocked or hindered by the legacy of actions committed during the incarnation just experienced. This Name helps the ascension of our loved ones, and with the help we provide them, they can help us in turn on the path we are taking.

Now concentrate on the Name Habuhiah without thinking of anything else breathe, letting yourself be deeply and long permeated by its meaning, pronounce this intention. I evoke the memory of my loved ones that I have lost. I see them surrounded by the light of this Name. I meditate to elevate their souls to ever-higher levels in the spiritual worlds. I open up to receive their guidance and support.

Habuhiah 68th Kabbalah Angel Horoscope

Love – Your heart is constantly in motion. Instincts, feelings, reason, speech, the eye, everything is mobilized in the service of loving conquest. If this general mobilization emanates from the noblest and most elevated part of your personality, it will be a great love, lasting everlasting.

Money – Your economic situation is good enough, but it also needs to be structured to build a coherent whole. This means that your economic potential must have a well-defined purpose. Your money must be used for the formation of a business that is useful for your material progress, but above all for your spiritual, moral, and human elevation

Health – Habuhiah Healing angel par excellence. He can heal everything, but especially hemorrhoids, hernias, and fistulas.

Career – Your joie de vivre and your sense of humor are contagious, and open all doors for you. But be careful for this achievement to become a social and professional achievement, joy must spring from your heart.

Esoteric initiation – You will rise to a situation of spiritual, moral, and material power. No obstacle will be able to stop your descent. With the help of your angel, you will go up like an arrow. You will have to choose to do good without vanity, effectively.

Habuhiah 68th Kabbalah Angel is the Guardian Angel of people born from 25 to 29 February. Other days of his presence are 29 May-12 August-24 October-4 January-16 March, every day from 10.20 pm to 10.40 pm

Habuhiah Invocation Verse 1 of Psalm 105